Preserving a Piece of History: First Church in Albany through the Eyes of a Scaffolder

In Collaboration with Tri-City Scaffolding

Certain buildings just catch the eye of a scaffolder. Interesting angles, odd leanings, and jutting spires fire their creativity and problem-solving abilities, igniting a desire to build up and surround with caged frame. Bring these architectural features together in an iconic landmark, and you’ve got a real dream project. The draw is twofold: to engage a unique engineering challenge head on while contributing to a piece of history. Only rarely do such projects come around, but we are sure glad when they do.

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Layher Allround Scaffolding

WATCH: Layher Allround Scaffolding Assembly

Watch this 3 minute time lapse video illustrating the assembly of Layher Allround Scaffolding, and how Layher’s innovative scaffold technology makes it faster, safer and more versatile than comparable systems. Also learn about Layher’s new Auto-Lock function, U-Ledger, U-Steel Toe Boards and U-Lift-Off Preventer.

Using time lapse to illustrate the speed and simplicity of construction, this video breaks down the construction of Layher’s Allround Scaffolding into 3 steps – basic assembly, modification and expansion.

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Layher Houston Facility Inauguration Event

Layher Holds Inauguration Ceremony for New Houston Facility

HOUSTON, TEXAS. Layher officially opened the doors of its new 30,000-square-foot Houston facility Thursday October 16 with an introduction by Georg Layher, Managing Director of Layher Holding, the announcement of a new fourth generation of scaffolding, and a vow to increase the company’s market share in the US.

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Layher Scaffolding Stairs

Layher Stairs, Decks, and Guardrails Make Appearance at Electric Zoo

Pictured Above: The Layher Stairway Tower 750 was specially designed to provide public access on a notable slope for last year’s Electric Zoo festival in New York.

The Layher name may conjure images of construction, but Layher temporary access stair systems, steel decks, and guardrails are often utilized at popular events and music festivals such as New York’s own Electric Zoo festival, taking place annually during Labor Day weekend. Layher scaffolding has accommodated the festival’s 150,000 plus fans for several years, helping to make the three-day festival accessible and organized.

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Layher Scaffold Rodeo - 2014 SAIA Convention

Layher Scaffold Builder Rodeo at the 2014 SAIA Convention

On August 28th, the Inaugural Scaffold Builder Rodeo took place during the 2014 SAIA Convention in Austin, Texas.

During the competition, teams competed to build and disassemble a scaffolding structure with the fastest time, focusing on safety and efficiency.

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SAIA 2014 annual convention and exposition layher scaffolding

Layher to Participate in the SAIA 2014 Annual Convention and Expo

Layher Scaffolding will be one of the exhibitors at the SAIA 2014 Annual Convention and Exposition hosted in Austin, Texas from July 27-30 at the Hilton Austin.

Layher will participate in sharing information about scaffold and access equipment safety, cost saving resources, scaffold and access manufacturing challenges and more.

The convention will include six training classes (more than ever before), industry networking opportunities, new information about safety practices and policies, and tips to increase revenue. For more information about the convention including a schedule of events, information about educational sessions, training options and more, visit

Layher in the News

Layher North America Headquarters Moves to New Facility in Houston, Texas

HOUSTON, Texas – Layher, the world’s largest producer and industry leading innovator of high quality, integrated modular scaffolding systems, has completed the construction of an impressive 25,000 square foot warehouse and a 5,000 square foot office building in Houston, Texas. The new facility has increased in size by about 7,000 square feet from their previous space. Since moving to the new facility, Layher has hired additional staff and has plans to continue expansion in the coming year. Serving as Layher’s North American headquarters, the new facility covers a total of 5 acres and required 4 acres of concrete to be constructed. Layher utilized their own German engineered and German made scaffolding systems during construction of the facility.

The new facility is another milestone in Layher’s growth and commitment to serving the rapidly expanding oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and construction industries. As the official North American dealer of scaffolding systems and products, Layher North America will utilize their new facility in delivering the world’s leading scaffolding systems throughout the U.S. and Canada. Layher will host a Grand Opening event for the Houston facility in 2014.

The Layher North America headquarters is now located at 8225 Hansen Road, Houston, Texas 77075.

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Layher in the News

Lightweight from Layher

as featured in Access International July-August 2013

Layher has just debuted Allround Lightweight – a new, lighter modular scaffolding system. Shown for the first time in Munich at Bauma 2013, Allround Lightweight features lighter components, increased load-bearing capacity and an AutoLock function for wedge head connectors. According to Layher, Allround Lightweight can be assembled 10% faster than other scaffold systems and is 12% more efficient to transport.

“Since assembly, dismantling and transport still account for 80% of the costs for scaffolding construction, three factors are critically important: design, functionality and component weight,” said Layher’s Marketing Director Franz Greisinger. “Studies have clearly shown that a significant reduction in assembly and dismantling time can be achieved by cutting back on component weight.”

Layher used high-tensile steel to produce thinner walls (the wall thickness was reduced from 3.2mm to 2.8mm) to get Allround Lightweight as light as possible.

“Depending on the length of the components, scaffolding erectors have up to 14% less weight to handle when transporting components by truck to the construction site and in scaffolding assembly itself,” said a company spokesman. “The wall thickness has been reduced in Allround O-ledgers LW as well, saving up to 1.6 kg while increasing bending stress capacity by 24%.”

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Layher Allround Scaffolding Whakamaru power station

Allround Scaffolding Flexes its Power as a Power Station is Repaired

As featured in Site Seeing, Edition 40 2014

For maintenance work on power stations, time is of the essence. That goes for the Whakamaru hydroelectric power station too, an important node in New Zealand’s national grid, which together with the other power stations located along the Waikato River, supplies much of North Island with electricity. To complete the work on one of the sloping penstocks as quickly as possible, the decision-makers could only consider Allround Scaffolding. It allowed the scaffolding erectors to build the work scaffolding 20 metres above the ground not only quickly and above all more safely, but also to optimally adapted to the difficult geometry – in just 23 hours.

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Layher on Layher – Scaffolding International November 2013

At Bauma this year Layher launched its Allround Lightweight modular scaffolding system.  It features lighter components, increased load-bearing capacity and an AutoLock function for wedge head connectors. According to the company it can be assembled 10% faster than other scaffold systems and transport is 12% more efficient.

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