The Layher standard – answers, engineering & quality.

Layher has built a global company with a commitment to exceed the expectations of the professionals who work with scaffolding everyday, giving them the best possible products, a wealth of engineering experience and expertise as well as practical assistance in coping successfully with demanding day-to-day operations and difficult challenges that crop up on the job. Layher’s commitment to its customers is to keep them ahead of the competition and to be a reliable, durable partner.

Layher’s innovative, integrated products, comprehensive consultancy services and system-tailored logistic concepts enable clients to have more efficient use of resources and staff and sharpen their competitive edge and profitability.  Whether the need is to evaluate a complex scaffolding plan or strategize business expansion, product choice, financing or discuss a business start up, Layher professionals are here to help.

Count on Layher for quality, solutions, service and real partnership.

System selection, funding, job preparation, logistics — Layher is a reliable, dependable and expert partner committed to being with you every step of the way with help and support when it is needed, where it is needed.