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A lot of scaffold manufacturers offer a range of products and pricing. What differentiates Layher scaffolding from the others?2022-03-22T16:12:26-05:00

Quality, materials, and craftsmanship. For more than 65 years, Layher has focused exclusively on developing and manufacturing integrated scaffolding systems at its state-of-the-art production facilities in Germany. Every part is intelligently designed and optimized using precision-engineered machinery and streamlined manufacturing processes. Layher uses only specialty tolerated, high-grade steel, with properties such as optimal strength and adherence to hot-dip galvanizing.

Layher is ISO 9001-certified and meets a range of international certification requirements. Through continual product improvements from a highly skilled engineering staff, Layher scaffolding systems deliver safety, reliability and longevity, and the best value on the market.


Does Layher offer engineering and project consulting services?2022-03-22T16:14:07-05:00

Layher’s worldwide team of professionals provides expert scaffolding consultation, engineering evaluation, estimating, and onsite troubleshooting services, based on years of field experience and industry understanding. For expert solutions on systems scaffold selection, layout, and planning, financing, streamlining work procedures, and other technical matters, ask about Layher scaffold engineering and consulting services at 866-300-0904 (USA & Canada).

How does Layher stay current on changes in scaffolding technology, development and innovation?2022-03-22T16:14:37-05:00

All Layher scaffolding products are developed in Germany to the highest and most up-to-date specifications. Layher’s heavy investment in research and development; full certification of its people, parts, and processes; and a dedicated team of 12,000 worldwide, ensure that Layher steel and aluminum scaffold products are the industry benchmark and gold standard.

Can Layher meet the unique and complex requirements of large-scale industrial and commercial projects?2022-03-22T16:15:29-05:00

Layher offers two versatile scaffolding systems to meet any type and size of project. Allround® Scaffolding, the industry standard for modular scaffolding, offers unbeatable adaptability and flexibility. It is the scaffold of choice for industrial facilities, chemical plants, power stations, refineries, construction sites, factories, shipyards, airfields, theaters, arenas, and highway and bridge construction sites. Allround® is ideal for demanding, complicated applications where conventional scaffolding cannot be optimally and economically used.

Layher SpeedyScaf® Scaffolding, unbeatably strong and reliable, is the leading frame scaffolding on the market, with built-in safety features that ensure easy code compliance. The advantage of SpeedyScaf® is its rapid, easy-to-understand, bolt-free assembly. With only five basic elements and few manual operations, SpeedyScaf® provides a secure base for virtually any job. Well-designed loading capacities and project-based standard lengths enhance the practicality of SpeedyScaf® and multiply its uses, eliminating the need for more expensive solutions.

What’s the delivery time on a Layher scaffolding system?2022-03-22T16:16:03-05:00

Layher guarantees quick availability of Layher scaffold products anytime, anywhere. With a huge inventory in the U.S. and Canada, Layher can deliver materials for any size job, and handle all trucking and shipment arrangements to the job site from six, fully stocked locations: Houston, Texas; Mobile, Alabama; Baltimore, Maryland; Ocala, Florida; Leduc, Alberta; and Brampton, Ontario. These facilities also supply Layher scaffold products to Canadian customers.

Can scaffold erectors tie off on Layher scaffolding?2022-03-22T16:16:29-05:00

Scaffold erectors face safety issues if they’re not tied off on to something, even if they are wearing a personal fall arrest system. Layher tested its scaffold systems for various tie-off points. For specific inquiries, please contact Layher at or by phone at 866-300-0904 (USA & Canada).

Where can I get scaffold manufacturer information on subjects such as engineering and erection?2022-03-22T16:17:28-05:00

Layher supports its customers with manufacturer information in the form of product catalogs, engineering manuals, and erection installation guides. Request manual hardcopy or PDF files from Layher at; visit the Resources section on this website, or call 866-300-0904 (USA & Canada). Additional information on how to erect and dismantle scaffolding is available through OSHA ( and the SSFI (

Where can I find more information on scaffold safety?2023-01-18T17:06:00-05:00

To safely use scaffolding and comply with Federal OSHA requirements, obtain a copy of OSHA regulations covering your specific type of scaffolding. In addition to OSHA regulations, additional guidelines can assist you in product safety compliance: (OSHA)
Offers free downloads of OSHA standards 1926.450-1926.454, governing proper erection, inspection, and use of scaffold products. (Scaffold Industry Association)
Offers print, VHS and CD-ROM for-purchase products to assist erectors and users of scaffold. Lists over 60 Accredited Training Institutes throughout the U.S. and Canada offering hands-on safety training. (National Safety Council)
Offers the ANSI A10.8-2001 Safety Requirements for Scaffolding for purchase. Written by industry professionals, the standards cover erection, inspection and safe scaffold use. (Scaffold, Shoring and Forming Institute)
A free Code of Safe Practices download offers common-sense guidelines for erecting and using scaffold.

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