Year-Round Roofing

Roofing is limited by the weather year-round, especially in the winter months throughout the majority of the U.S. and Canada. But recently a customer of ours, Advanced Commercial Roofing (ACR) has taken advantage of the Layher Roof System to increase their productivity in the winter months. ACR has announced their recent investment in a Layher temporary roofing system, having acquired the rights to use and sell the Layher roof system in Illinois.

Before, ACR’s roofing season was 6 months at best, severely limited by the harsh Illinois climate. Now, thanks to their Layher roof system, they can continue projects in the winter without problem. The Layher Roof System, developed in Germany, is designed to withstand rain, snow, and ice, extending the roofing season in climates where inclement weather often hampers work capability.

Come rain or snow or wind, Layher has you covered. Our Keder Roof System can span roof widths up to 40 m (131 ft), can be used to regulate temperature, and is available in a mobile variant. Learn more here.

Year-Round Roofing

Layher protection doesn’t stop there. We have several protection systems to ensure the best safety for your workers and your construction sites: Cassette Roof Scaffolding, Protect System, Edge Protection Railing Clamp.