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Layher sets the standard as the leading scaffolding manufacturer and dealer of scaffold projects in North America.

Layher Scaffolding 75 Anniversary Logo
Layher Scaffolding 75 Anniversary Logo


As we reflect on our 75 years as the originator and innovator of superior integrated scaffolding systems, we want to thank you for your trust during this time of rebuild. Layher scaffolding remains committed to your future through long-term savings with lighter weights that reduce labor and shipping costs, safety features that reduce risk, and engineering planning that eliminates change orders. More than material, consider us your partner for the journey ahead – we’re in this together.


No matter the project, Layher has the right scaffold system for your industry.

Layher Allround® Scaffolding

Layher Allround® Scaffolding is the industry standard for modular scaffolding, surpassing standard conventional scaffolding construction methodologies. Allround® offers unbeatable adaptability, flexibility and is the scaffolding of choice globally for industrial facilities, chemical plants, power stations, refineries, construction sites and factories as well as shipyards, airfields, theaters, arenas, highway and bridge construction sites.

Ingenious. Strong. No limits. In steel and aluminum – it’s the original one.

Layher Allround® Scaffolding (hot-dip galvanized) is ideal for demanding scaffolding applications and where conventional scaffolding technology cannot be used optimally and economically.

SpeedyScaf® Scaffolding

At lightening speed, this classic Layher scaffolding system provides a safer, secure foundation for any job. Unbeatably fast, strong and safe, SpeedyScaf® is the leading frame scaffolding on the market for decades. The crucial advantage of Layher SpeedyScaf® is its rapid and easy-to-understand, bolt-free assembly. With five basic elements and few manual operations, Layher SpeedyScaf® rapidly provides a secure base for any job.

Layher SpeedyScaf Scaffolding is ergonomically designed for fast and reliable assembly.

Layher SpeedyScaf Scaffolding can be used profitably both for scaffolding work and for building trades thanks to its versatile and well thought-out parts range.

Layher Lightweight

Profitability and Safety Aren’t Contradictions

New materials, new production processes, and design improvements to make our system lighter, faster, stronger − and so even more economical.

Layher Lightweight – The Next Dimension in Scaffolding

Keder XL Roof System

Fast, lightweight, cost-effective and practical.

The Keder XL Roof System is a convincingly cost-effective and complete solution for spanning small and medium-sized gaps. This economical weather protection system in lightweight design and attractive appearance assembles rapidly and without using a crane. Highly functional whether as a double-pitch, mono-pitch or asymmetrical roof, or for use in refurbishment work or to protect stage areas.

Of course, the Layher Keder XL Roof System is fully compatible to the SpeedyScaf and Allround Scaffolding systems and is a useful addition to the Layher’s modular scaffolding.

Cassette Roof Scaffolding

Layher scaffolding cassette roof

Stable, system-independent technology that sets the standard.

This adaptable, rugged roof system is for spanning big gaps and taking heavier loads–an enormously stable and versatile interim weather protection for use on every scaffolding system. Strong enough to walk on.

Open the Layher Cassette Roof scaffolding system for material transport at any time. Translucent components provide illumination. The bracing effect of Layher’s cassette technology gives strength and savings on materials.

With the innovative and practical rope safety system, you are excellently protected during both assembly and dismantling with the highest safety as well as very good mobility.

Protect System

Unique. Tight. Versatile. Gives you a new competitive advantage.

The Protect System Scaffold System answers maximum protective requirements. Used during asbestos removal, sandblasting work, for protection from noise or the weather or to protect passers by. The appearance and futuristic technology of the Protect System are impressive. With the system’s adaptability to the SpeedyScaf® and to Allround® Scaffolding systems and its sophisticated flexibility, this unique protective system will open up a completely new field of business for you.

With a few accessories such as lighting or door elements, areas like staircases or site access can be completed in a way which is innovative, safer, and of high quality.

STAR Frame Scaffolding

STAR Frame by Layher

With the new STAR Frame, Layher adds to the already impressive capabilities of the Allround® system. Adding advantages previously available only with SpeedyScaf®—reduced weight and higher assembly capacity—STAR Frame extends Allround′s® impressive abilities to adapt to and fit complex, difficult and awkward geometric situations.

STAR Frame means surface-oriented scaffolding can now be assembled and dismantled even more quickly using only a few supplementary components. STAR Frame is fully compatible with the Allround® system, extending its scope of applications significantly without the necessity of investing in a separate scaffolding system.

STAR Frame adds a faster and lighter option to Allround® facade scaffolding.

Access Scaffolding & Stairway Towers

access scaffolding and stairway towers by Layher

Temporary Access

Layher North America offers a full range of stairway solutions for temporary access—from simple internal access to stairway towers for public use—and a complete selection of other special application stairway solutions.

Layher stairway towers are constructed utilizing standard Allround® Scaffolding vertical standards, ledgers, diagonals and decks and a few additional components—stairway stringers, deck locking clamps and handrails. Stair towers have standard layouts of 10, 12 or 16 legs. All Layher stairs meet U.S. safety regulations.

Layher Stairs and Access Systems able to carry a high load capacity with fast and easy setup.

Heavy-Duty Scaffold Towers – Shoring, Forming & Propping

Layher scaffold towers and support scaffolding systems are easily, logically and quickly assembled from a few parts to take on the heaviest loads and toughest, most complex assignments.

Heavy-duty 20 foot (6 m) Allround® scaffold towers’ permissible loadings is increased considerably by using Layher’s reinforced base jacks and head jacks (U-heads) additional bracing (ledgers and diagonals) and/or joining standards with Layher’s unique twin wedge couplers.

In applications exceeding the load-bearing capacities of traditional scaffold towers, it is possible to use heavy-duty towers and columns constructed with Allround® Scaffolding. Heavy-duty spindles and specially designed heavy-duty top and bottom collars allow clustering of standards.

For ultimate bearing capacity choose strong – choose Layher

Scaffolding Decks

Scaffolding decks by Layher

Choose Layher scaffolding decks for every application – Doubling as a work surface and as a stiffener, Layher scaffolding decks cope well with changing load requirements, provide selectable bay lengths and are quick and easy to assemble and dismantle. Gap-free, 100% wood-free decks and precision-fit toe boards eradicate trip-hazards and drop throughs, increasing worker and job site safety.

Rely on Layher design engineering for safety and performance down to the last detail.

Layher offers three scaffolding decks (Steel Deck, Stalu Deck, and Steel Plank) to fit your project’s needs.

Scaffolding Accessories

accessories_right_bottom_imageLayher Scaffolding Accessories

Layher scaffolding accessories — the versatile problem solvers. Ingenious design, thousands of applications, low-maintenance solutions.

Layher’s extensive range of scaffolding accessories and scaffold components is based on well-engineered modular inter functionality. Design intelligent system technology maximizes flexibility in use, minimizes costs via accurate advance planning, offers logical and efficient assembly without expensive reworking—meaning more ambitious projects can be accomplished with greater economic success with scaffolding accessories from Layher.

Learn how the extensive range of Layher’s well-engineered scaffolding accessories can maximize efficiency on your next project.


Increased Profits, Improved Safety, Developed Efficiency. 


Layher’s SIM® Scaffolding Information Modeling

See our case study and learn about our technical services and how digitalization in scaffolding construction leads to more safety and more profitability.


Before you start your project, let us help you find the best scaffolding system for the job. We have everything you need to find solutions to every challenge.

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