Electric Zoo

The Layher Stairway Tower 750 was specially designed to provide public access on a notable slope for last year’s Electric Zoo festival in New York.


The Layher name may conjure images of construction, but Layher temporary access stair systems, steel decks, and guardrails are often utilized at popular events and music festivals such as New York’s own Electric Zoo festival, taking place annually during Labor Day weekend. Layher scaffolding has accommodated the festival’s 150,000 plus fans for several years, helping to make the three-day festival accessible and organized.

For last year’s festival, Layher utilized 86 tons of equipment to realize public access, reserved seating, and staging in the lower field. The modular stairs can be constructed to any dimension, utilizing single stair components to provide access to any space. The design made the most of a notable ground slope, chosen to create an amphitheatre effect, with tiered and premium views of the main stage west.

The speed and versatility of the Layher system brings major advantages to popular festivals and events where time and safety are key. Each stair weighs less than 22lbs, making them a cinch to lift and assemble for public access while complying with safety requirements for ingress and egress. Safety features include reduced height between stairs, wider tread, and guardrails composed of high-grade materials that have withstood stringent integrity testing.

Dedication, flexibility, and experience also come into play — in the past Layher flew in specialist components directly to New York to avoid potential delays. Duane Redding of Layher’s Baltimore office explains, “We believe it was our ability to supply not just the equipment but also the experience […] that was at the heart of our appointment by Consultanzee, Inc.” (the coordinating contractor responsible for last year’s festival setup) “our customer could obtain both the support and expertise from a single, proven source.”

Layher ensures the availability of its scaffolding products at any place and time, providing engineering support and onsite management from project start to completion upon request. “The design of the Layher stair system, combined with all the equipment that we are able to make available, brings clear-cut advantages to both the contractor and the end user,” says Frank Frietsch, Executive Vice-President at Layher. “These are clearly demonstrated in this particular project with the benefits realized across construction and event industries nationwide.”

Electric Zoo

Reduced stair heights, wider tread, lock-in decks, and guardrails are among the safety features designed to minimize the possibility of slips, trips, and falls in heavy foot traffic.

Electric Zoo

Layher scaffolding provides public access at popular events, such as the Electric Zoo festival, accommodating 150,000 plus music fans.