HSBC Canada’s Skyline Replacement Project

Project necessity proved to be the mother of scaffolding innovation in the recently completed Skylight Replacement Project for the HSBC Canada building in downtown Vancouver. The bustling 23-story office tower, home to HSBC Bank headquarters, boasts an expansive atrium lobby that posed a unique set of challenges during replacement.

Layher Allround Scaffolding Mining

Mining with Layher Allround Scaffolding Increases Profits

For over 40 years, Layher Allround Scaffolding – in steel, aluminum, or Lightweight – has met the profitability, safety, and efficiency needs of the mining industry. Employing a few basic components, the Layher Allround meets the industry’s essential needs and offers near limitless usage.

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Layher SpeedyScaff Realizes Energy Saving Housing in Ottawa

Layher SpeedyScaff Realizes Energy Saving Housing in Ottawa

Ottawa – Taplen Commercial Construction is bringing Layher SpeedyScaff® scaffolding to the city for the first time in a unique residential project. The apartment building, known as Salus Clementine, is distinctive for its sustainable design including mortar-less panels that inhibit typical tie-in methods. SpeedyScaff can operate with threaded-rod tie-ins and is characterized by minimal components, light weight, and rapid assembly, making it an ideal project choice. Salus Clementine is expected to be Ottawa’s most sustainable affordable housing and is set for June 2016 occupancy.

ACR Layher Roof System

Year-Round Roofing, Regardless of Weather

Roofing is limited by the weather year-round, especially in the winter months throughout the majority of the U.S. and Canada. But recently a customer of ours, Advanced Commercial Roofing (ACR) has taken advantage of the Layher Roof System to increase their productivity in the winter months. ACR has announced their recent investment in a Layher temporary roofing system, having acquired the rights to use and sell the Layher roof system in Illinois.

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Don Fry Incorporates Layher Materials in Novel Cable-Car Design

Don Fry Incorporates Layher Materials in Novel Cable-Car Design

In what is the first of its kind in North America, Don Fry Scaffold Service, Inc (Don Fry) is bringing Layher products together in a unique approach to recoat sections of lead-based paint (LBP) lined pipelines that supply water to Oakland and San Francisco, CA.

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Layher Scaffolding Materials at the Miami Science Museum - Layher Shoring Tower V2

To the Moon and Back with Layher Materials

If you are one of the lucky visitors to the new and highly anticipated Miami Science Museum in 2016, you’ll be journeying to the great beyond while safely tucked inside a 250-seat planetarium constructed with the help of Layher materials. Located in downtown Miami, the planetarium is the jewel of the new museum and structurally one of its biggest undertakings made possible by scaffolding.

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Preserving a Piece of History: First Church in Albany through the Eyes of a Scaffolder

In Collaboration with Tri-City Scaffolding

Certain buildings just catch the eye of a scaffolder. Interesting angles, odd leanings, and jutting spires fire their creativity and problem-solving abilities, igniting a desire to build up and surround with caged frame. Bring these architectural features together in an iconic landmark, and you’ve got a real dream project. The draw is twofold: to engage a unique engineering challenge head on while contributing to a piece of history. Only rarely do such projects come around, but we are sure glad when they do.

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Layher Allround Scaffolding Whakamaru power station

Allround Scaffolding Flexes its Power as a Power Station is Repaired

As featured in Site Seeing, Edition 40 2014

For maintenance work on power stations, time is of the essence. That goes for the Whakamaru hydroelectric power station too, an important node in New Zealand’s national grid, which together with the other power stations located along the Waikato River, supplies much of North Island with electricity. To complete the work on one of the sloping penstocks as quickly as possible, the decision-makers could only consider Allround Scaffolding. It allowed the scaffolding erectors to build the work scaffolding 20 metres above the ground not only quickly and above all more safely, but also to optimally adapted to the difficult geometry – in just 23 hours.

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Layher shapes Dillinger Hütte steelworks

Layher Shapes Dillinger Hütte Steelworks

Written by Sarah Ann McCay – Dec 9, 2013

German scaffolding company Gerüstbau Rende turned to locally made shoring solutions when working on the new €300 million Dillinger Hütte steelworks.

Gerüstbau Rende brought in German scaffolding manufacturer Layher to install its Allround Shoring TG 60 system. The firm said it chose the Allround option because its modular design meant that it could be assembled quickly and safely despite the heights involved, and it could also adapt to any project shape or size.

The shoring works were required for the construction of a new continuous casting system at Dillingen. This is to be found in a 45 m deep hole, in which the new production facility is now being built. For concreting a 25 m long binding beam with a dead weight of 21 tonnes per metre, a 40 m high shoring structure had to be assembled. What is more, it had to be assembled fast. Ten erectors had just 12 days to build a structure weighing 110 tonnes.

Gerüstbau Rende chose the high-strength Allround TG 60 Shoring Frames with standard components. Allround brackets were also used as a walkway for the concreting work, and an Allround stairway tower as a site access. A closed work platform was also constructed 1.8 m below the formwork level, using Layher scaffolding decks.

For the construction of a continuous casting system, the new Allround Shoring TG 60 from Layher permitted work at 40 m up, for concreting a 25 m long binding beam – with a dead weight of 21 tonnes per metre. Photo: Dillinger Hütte


layher scaffolding propping and shoring

Heavy loads mastered with new Allround Shoring System TG 60

Thanks to a sophisticated Allround Shoring System, wide spanning troughs with high vertical loads can easily be transferred by standard bundling. The new solution was made by scaffolding company Postweiler Gerüstbau who were able to install work levels quickly and easily to the new shoring system. Setting up the 2-phase construction meant carrying approximately 9 ton vertical loads.

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