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Layher scaffolding at the Royal Wedding

Layher Scaffolding Systems was the scaffolding of choice to facilitate media locations for up to 200 broadcast-camera viewpoints at the Royal Wedding. Media Structures, the firm heading up the global media outlets at this extravagant event, selected Layher for its versatility, speed of erection and time savings.

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Layher Builds Custom Solutions at The World Economic Forum

When security was at the top of the agenda, Layher was at the top of the list. Layher’s inventive Allround Scaffold was used in the construction of a weather-resilient bridge system and temporary construction used by 2,000+ world representatives.

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layher scaffolding products

Layher Featured in August Issue of ENR Magazine

Layher recently invested more than $150,000 to evaluate the true quality of the scaffolding products currently on the market. The findings included defects in weld connection, lack of penetration and insufficient galvanizing on welds, large shrink holes in the wedge and reduced load bearing capacity.

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