Layher shapes Dillinger Hütte steelworks

Layher Shapes Dillinger Hütte Steelworks

Written by Sarah Ann McCay – Dec 9, 2013

German scaffolding company Gerüstbau Rende turned to locally made shoring solutions when working on the new €300 million Dillinger Hütte steelworks.

Gerüstbau Rende brought in German scaffolding manufacturer Layher to install its Allround Shoring TG 60 system. The firm said it chose the Allround option because its modular design meant that it could be assembled quickly and safely despite the heights involved, and it could also adapt to any project shape or size.

The shoring works were required for the construction of a new continuous casting system at Dillingen. This is to be found in a 45 m deep hole, in which the new production facility is now being built. For concreting a 25 m long binding beam with a dead weight of 21 tonnes per metre, a 40 m high shoring structure had to be assembled. What is more, it had to be assembled fast. Ten erectors had just 12 days to build a structure weighing 110 tonnes.

Gerüstbau Rende chose the high-strength Allround TG 60 Shoring Frames with standard components. Allround brackets were also used as a walkway for the concreting work, and an Allround stairway tower as a site access. A closed work platform was also constructed 1.8 m below the formwork level, using Layher scaffolding decks.

For the construction of a continuous casting system, the new Allround Shoring TG 60 from Layher permitted work at 40 m up, for concreting a 25 m long binding beam – with a dead weight of 21 tonnes per metre. Photo: Dillinger Hütte


layher scaffolding propping and shoring

Heavy loads mastered with new Allround Shoring System TG 60

Thanks to a sophisticated Allround Shoring System, wide spanning troughs with high vertical loads can easily be transferred by standard bundling. The new solution was made by scaffolding company Postweiler Gerüstbau who were able to install work levels quickly and easily to the new shoring system. Setting up the 2-phase construction meant carrying approximately 9 ton vertical loads.

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Historic Building Prepares for Modern Times

Historic Building Prepares for Modern Times – December 2010

Layher’s Allround Scaffolding was the scaffolding of choice in the major renovations currently underway at the Göltzsch valley bridge in Germany. Layher Protective Systems combined with highly efficient logistics were used to incorporate electric power into the railway, which will speed up travel times and bring this historic tourist attraction into the 21st century.

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Layher USA Featured in October Issue of BIC Magazine

Layher USA Featured in October Issue of BIC Magazine

Layher, one of the largest system scaffolding manufacturers in the world, continues to develop innovative products and provide top-tier customer service. The company manufactures modular scaffolding systems and products to face contractors’ challenges on a wide-range of job sites.

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Scaffolding adapted to local conditions

Scaffolding adapted to local conditions at new Berlin airport terminal site

The face of Berlin is rapidly changing. However, no infrastructural measure will change the Berlin-Brandenburg region as much as the conversion of the Schönefeld airport into the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Layher scaffolding components were used to erect the terminal’s roof which weighed around 10,000 tons, the heaviest individual part weighing 123 tons. The roof panels were lifted into place by the biggest mobile crane in Europe.

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Layher AllroundGeruest Mainzer Dom

Layher instrumental in historic Mainz Cathedral preservation

In the thousand years of its existence, Mainz Cathedral has lived to see many things: church services and coronations of kings, lootings by Napoleonic troops and misuse as a military hospital, barracks and later even as a cowshed. It lived through seven fires and the hail of bombs in World War II. Adaptable Layher scaffolding was used in redevelopment work on the western cross-tower of Mainz Cathedral.

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Edmonton Grey Cup Zipline Event

Edmonton Grey Cup Zipline Event

The 80 foot tall Allround scaffold tower was a chilly -35 degrees C. But the frigid temperatures didn’t stop Steeplejack Services from the required zipline testing for the Edmonton Grey Cup Event. Sometimes hard work comes with a perk.

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layher scaffolding protect system bridge

Layher scaffolding at the Royal Wedding

Layher Scaffolding Systems was the scaffolding of choice to facilitate media locations for up to 200 broadcast-camera viewpoints at the Royal Wedding. Media Structures, the firm heading up the global media outlets at this extravagant event, selected Layher for its versatility, speed of erection and time savings.

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layher Scaffolding propping

Layher Builds Custom Solutions at The World Economic Forum

When security was at the top of the agenda, Layher was at the top of the list. Layher’s inventive Allround Scaffold was used in the construction of a weather-resilient bridge system and temporary construction used by 2,000+ world representatives.

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Layher USA Featured in October Issue of BIC Magazine

Layher Featured in August Issue of ENR Magazine

Layher recently invested more than $150,000 to evaluate the true quality of the scaffolding products currently on the market. The findings included defects in weld connection, lack of penetration and insufficient galvanizing on welds, large shrink holes in the wedge and reduced load bearing capacity.

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