Roof Safety Technology That’s Simple & Durable

Layher Edge Protection Railing Clamp Layher Edge Protection Railing Clamp Layher Edge Protection Railing Clamp

A sturdy, versatile product, the Layher Edge Protection Railing Clamp provides edge protection any work on a rooftop or on floors with walls. It assembles quickly and easily, but despite the ease of installation it has the strength to catch falling workers and support the weight of people leaning against the railing. The Layher Edge Clamp secures to the edge of a concrete floor or the top of a parapet wall, making it ideal for construction sites that have concrete floors without walls around the edge to protect workers.\

The Layher Edge Clamp is also designed to follow the curvature of any building, and meets standards by securing to concrete floors and fascias of 16-33 cm height and to flat roofs of buildings up to 40 meters tall. Where wooden 2X4s are often used, this system uses steel handrails, cutting out the hazard of inclement weather rotting the rails.

The Layher Edge Clamp provides strong, cost-effective edge protection for any rooftop work environment.

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