Layher Scaffold Rodeo - 2014 SAIA Convention

Layher Scaffold Builder Rodeo at the 2014 SAIA Convention

On August 28th, the Inaugural Scaffold Builder Rodeo took place during the 2014 SAIA Convention in Austin, Texas.

During the competition, teams competed to build and disassemble a scaffolding structure with the fastest time, focusing on safety and efficiency.

The competition began at noon with over 50 people in attendance.  This year’s participants included four teams of four builders each. Teams were presented a set of scaffold drawings 10 minutes prior to starting. They had one hour to build a duplicate of the structure shown in the drawings in accordance with OSHA standards.

Scaffold materials were provided by Layher out of their Houston facility and showcased Layher’s innovative connection technology and rapid scaffold assembly.

Teams were judged on speed, teamwork, movement of materials from site to erection and dismantling, OSHA compliance and general observations.

The winners of this year’s Scaffold Builder Rodeo were Carpenters Local 551 from Houston, Texas.  Winning team members included Jose Valleciolo, Santiago Perez, Ramiro Moreno and Tony Moreno (pictured below.)

Event Sponsors:

  • Central South Carpenters Regional Council
  • Austin Carpenters & Millwrights Training Center
  • Layher, Inc.
  • Miller by Honeywell
  • Doug Holman
  • Common Sense Safety Solutions
  • Scaffold Dawgs
  • Scaffold & Access Industry Association

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