Layher Houston Facility Inauguration Event

Layher Holds Inauguration Ceremony for New Houston Facility

HOUSTON, TEXAS. Layher officially opened the doors of its new 30,000-square-foot Houston facility Thursday October 16 with an introduction by Georg Layher, Managing Director of Layher Holding, the announcement of a new fourth generation of scaffolding, and a vow to increase the company’s market share in the US.

The inaugural ceremony began at 3 pm with a welcome from Frank Frietsch, Executive Vice President and head of the new facility, who gave a rundown of the ins and outs of the warehouse that holds $10 million in new and used material and the office space that houses 12 employees. The facility, one of five North American offices, cost a total of 3.2 million and took over a year to construct. Members of the Layher and Lange families — company shareholders — and various client representatives were also in attendance.

Georg Layher delivered the keynote, recounting the company’s origins—its inception in an old garage in Eibensbach, Germany by his grandfather in 1945—its expansion into foreign markets, and looked ahead to the future represented by the new facility. What began as a trade of crafting wooden rakes soon gave way to wooden ladders and the scaffolding that became the company’s trademark.

He went on to reaffirm the company’s decision to invest in automating their production line and maintain considerable back stock instead of outsourcing to Chinese markets to avoid the “known quality and delivery problems involved.” To this end, Layher’s headquartered galvanizing plant was rebuilt in 2013, with a capacity of 80,000 tons per year, bringing the company-wide operating capacity to 160,000 tons/year.

“Please regard this building, that we are inaugurating today, as evidence in steel and stone that we are here to stay as your reliable partner for the future […] in the U.S.” said Georg Layher on behalf of himself and Carolin Langer, co-Managing Directors of Layher Holding.

Highlighting the company’s ability to adapt and innovate, Georg Layher’s presentation culminated with an announcement of a new, fourth generation of “Allround Scaffolding” known as the “Lightweight Allround” received with cheers from the crowd. With a higher load-bearing capacity, lower weight, and compatible components that enable faster assembly, the Lightweight Allround is the latest of a number of scaffolding products that pledge offerings superior to competitors.

Click here to watch the Layher Allround Lightweight VIDEO on YouTube.

A demonstration of the new Allround Lightweight immediately followed the keynote. The event concluded with barbeque and German beverages enjoyed in the facility warehouse. Layher subsidiaries are currently established in 39 different countries on all continents, including Mexico, Dubai, and Kazakhstan. In the last 10 years, the company has experienced rapid growth, doubling its revenue to roughly 625 million.


Layher Houston Facility Inauguration Event Scaffold Demo

A demonstration of the new fourth generation of Allround Scaffolding showcased on opening day.

Layher Houston Facility Offices

Inside the 5,000 sq ft office space of Layher’s new Houston facility.