Why You Should Source Scaffolding from Layher in California

Despite ongoing challenges—including the coronavirus pandemic, the rising cost of construction materials, and supply chain disruptions—2022 is set to be a strong year for the construction industry in California. 

State regulators have ordered 2.5 million more homes to be built by 2030 due to the Golden State’s rising housing demands. Meanwhile, both contractors and distributors are optimistic in their outlook for non-residential construction in 2022, according to Wells Fargo’s 2022 Construction Industry Forecast.

The projection of this construction boom is set to remain strong in the coming years, which poses some challenges – one being the fact that your business will need lots of construction equipment and supplies from reputable partners. 

If you’re in the market for premium commercial and industrial scaffolding, look no further than Layher and its California scaffolding partners for your needs.

Why Layher is the Best Choice for Industrial & Commercial Scaffolding in California 

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, and with a sales office in Las Vegas, Layher North America provides full-service scaffolding solutions to the residential and commercial construction industries in the United States and Canada. The company also provides industrial-grade scaffolding for industries as diverse as oil and gas, mining, shipbuilding, and pulp and paper production. 

But what exactly sets Layher apart from other scaffolding manufacturers and dealers in the market? Consider the following credentials:

1. Layher is the leading innovator of integrated scaffolding systems 

Layher invented the modern pin and ring scaffolding system. The company has been spearheading product development and engineering advances in modular and other scaffolding for over 75 years.

Layher builds their steel scaffolding products with a few important things in mind. These include cross-system compatibility and ease of assembly and disassembly. Layher produces its products according to the highest manufacturing and materials standards. Because of these standards, Layher guarantees a high degree of safety and reliability to their clients. 

2. There’s a wide range of precision manufactured scaffolding products

From robust scaffold towers and support scaffolding systems to resilient scaffolding decks and accessories, there’s a diverse range of customizable solutions waiting for you. 

  • Layher Allround Scaffolding – The scaffolding that’s considered by professionals to be the industry standard for modular scaffolding. The Allround makes the scaffolding of choice for many applications. These include industrial facilities, chemical plants, refineries, construction sites, and other applications. 
  • SpeedyScaf Scaffolding – Ergonomically designed for quick, bolt-free assembly, SpeedyScaf is the leading frame scaffolding on the market. With only five basic elements, the system is extendable and comes with numerous logical extension possibilities. 
  • STAR Frame Scaffolding – The STAR Frame is fully compatible with the Allround, extending the latter’s capabilities without having to invest in a separate scaffolding system. The STAR Frame only needs a few supplementary components to expand the scope and functionality of Allround Scaffolding. 
  • Scaffolding Decks These decks cope well with changing load requirements. Steel decks are wood free and with accessories can be assembled gap-free. Added metal toe boards for precision fit increase, worker and job site safety, and productivity.
  • Heavy-Duty Scaffold Towers (Shoring, Forming & Propping) – These scaffold towers and their support scaffolding systems can bear the heaviest loads and can be quickly assembled from a few base parts. 
  • Scaffolding AccessoriesLayher offers an extensive array of scaffolding accessories and components to businesses looking for scaffold solutions in California. These include advanced guardrails, clampable rosettes, console brackets, scaffold tubes, and scaffold couplers.

Layher also offers protective systems (e.g. the Cassette Roof and the Edge Protection Railing Clamp), as well as access systems (e.g. the Allround Bridging System and Public Access Stairs). 

3. Clients enjoy full-service scaffolding solutions 

Layher clients can count on the expertise of the company’s global subsidiaries and partners for a few factors. These include driving profitability, overcoming logistical challenges, and improving job site safety. 

Whether you need onsite troubleshooting, information on starting or scaling your scaffolding business, project consultation, or estimating, Layher’s professionals will provide solutions that are firmly grounded on years of field knowledge, engineering expertise, and industry understanding. 

The company has also developed practical and easy-to-use software programs for scaffolding planning. This results in a high degree of technical planning reliability, optimized use of material capacities, and full cost transparency at every stage of the project. 

If you’re in need of scaffolding, you can count on the Layher team in California to get the job done for you!