Allround® Scaffolding

Layher Allround® Scaffolding is the industry standard for modular scaffolding, surpassing standard conventional scaffolding construction methodologies. Allround® offers unbeatable adaptability, flexibility and is the scaffolding of choice globally for industrial facilities, chemical plants, power stations, refineries, construction sites and factories as well as shipyards, airfields, theaters, arenas, highway and bridge construction sites.

Layher Scaffolding Allround Scaffolding
Ingenious. Strong. No limits. In steel and aluminum – it’s the original One.

Layher Allround Scaffolding, hot-dip galvanized, is ideal for demanding scaffolding applications and where conventional scaffolding technology cannot be used optimally and economically.

Layher Allround Scaffolding offers unlimited versatility. For the trickiest floor layouts and assembly situations or for complex architectural features and compliance with stringent safety requirements-nothing surpasses Allround® adaptability. Thanks to its unique connection technology and unparalleled assembly speed, Layher Allround Scaffolding is the industry choice for economic, quality modular scaffolding.

Allround Scaffolding in aluminum is used when scaffolding equipment has to be transported manually, where low dead weight or special aesthetics are required or where the use of steel is prohibited by the physics of the structure.

Layher Allround Scaffolding

Positive Connection

This means safer assembly to whatever height is required. A blow with a hammer transforms the positive connection into an unbeatably firm and secure force-transmitting joint. The force-transmitting joint is the result of superior design: the end of the wedge head precisely matches the radius of the standard – so forces are introduced centrally into the standard over a wide area.

Rapid Assembly

Up to 8 connections at various angles can be made in one plane with the statically ideal Allround connector. The assembly of the system is self-explanatory. if required, you can O-bearer or U-bearer to accommodate the system scaffolding decks.

The Benefits of Allround® Scaffolding

Layher Allround Scaffolding System
  • Ingenious connector technology

    Eight connections in one plane, automatic right-angles and flexible angle selection, self-locking during assembly.

  • Comprehensive range of parts

    For unlimited use, unbelievable potential and special one-off solutions. Fully compatible with other Layher systems and products.

  • Efficient, precision assembly

    Time saved in assembly, ergonomic efficiencies for transport, assembly and storage, safer handling; the only system with all the European approval.

  • Invest with confidence

    Invest in a perfected and complete system with all the  benefits of rapid, safer, more profitable and highly versatile scaffolding construction.

  • The Allround® Scaffolding bolt-free system

    Eliminates time consuming bolting, repeated adjustments, pipe and coupling entanglements and unclear force situations. Layher′s innovative wedge locking design affords safer assembly to whatever height is required.

  • Range of temporary access solutions

    Safer internal access components for modular scaffolding and stairway towers, plus a vast variety of special stair solutions.

  • An ideal propping system

    Economic and adaptable with extremely high strength capacity values, self-supporting and quick to install.