SpeedyScaf® Scaffolding

Speedyscaf scaffolding by Layher

At lightening speed, this classic Layher scaffolding system provides a safer, secure foundation for any job. Unbeatably fast, strong and safe, SpeedyScaf® is the leading frame scaffolding on the market for decades.  The crucial advantage of Layher SpeedyScaf® is its rapid and easy-to-understand, bolt-free assembly. With five basic elements and few manual operations, Layher SpeedyScaf® rapidly provides a secure base for any job.

Layher SpeedyScaf Scaffolding is ergonomically designed for fast and reliable assembly.

Layher SpeedyScaf Scaffolding can be used profitably both for scaffolding work and for building trades thanks to its versatile and well thought-out parts range. Well-designed loading capacities and projectbased standard lengths enhance practical use, multiply SpeedyScaf′s® universal possibilities and eliminate the need for additional investment in expensive special solutions.

SpeedyScaf incorporates Layher′s performance and engineered design advantages in their most compact form. In addition to the excellent functionality of this system, perfected down to the smallest detail, and the precision of Layher′s production process manufacturing, SpeedyScaf® offers users unequalled delivery capability, stock volumes and after-sales service.

Ergonomically designed for efficient and comfortable handling, fast assembly and ease in disassembly, SpeedyScaf® saves time, money and worker strain.

The Benefits of SpeedyScaf® Scaffolding

    • Faster, Stronger and Safer
    • Able to cope with almost every requirement
    • Versatile – With a few basic elements and a few basic operations, this classic Layher scaffolding will provide you at lightning speed with a safe foundation for any job. It has been the leading frame scaffolding on the market for decades now, and with this unbeatably fast yet strong and safe system you can cope with almost every requirement. Layher SpeedyScaf¨ can be used profitably both for scaffolding work and for building trades thanks to its versatile and well-thought-out parts range.
    • With only 6 basic elements, this classical Layher product is assembled in no time at all. The system is extendable with lots of logical extension possibilities.
    • Base element is the Euro Assembly Frame – assembly works now even easier, faster and more comfortable. All Layher scaffolding decks – working deck and scaffolding stiffening at the same time – are always the safe working platform.
    • Diagonal braces in every fifth bay give the scaffolding the necessary safety thanks to the reliable stiffness.