Heavy-Duty Scaffold Towers – Shoring, Forming and Propping

TG 60 Shoring

Layher scaffold towers and support scaffolding systems are easily, logically and quickly assembled from a few parts to take on the heaviest loads and toughest, most complex tasks.

Heavy-duty 6 m (20 ft) Allround® scaffold towers’ permissible loadings can be increased considerably by using Layher’s reinforced base jacks and head jacks (U-heads) additional bracing, ledgers, diagonals and/or joining standards with Layher’s unique twin wedge couplers.

In applications exceeding the load-bearing capacities of traditional scaffold towers, it is possible to use heavy-duty towers and columns constructed with Allround® Scaffolding. Heavy-duty spindles and specially designed heavy-duty top and bottom collars allow clustering of standards.

For ultimate bearing capacity choose strong – choose Layher.

Combining four Allround® standards achieves an extremely high load-bearing capacity. This type support can be used in multiple arrangements with various load-bearing capacities–a heavy-duty tower or a heavy-duty column–and expanded with ease to meet irregular, complex jobs effectively.

Layher’s Allround® Scaffolding makes an ideal shoring/propping system–it has extremely high strength capacity values, is self-supporting and is quick to install. Being both scaffolding and a propping system it is economic and versatile.

The Benefits of Layher Heavy-Duty Scaffold Towers

  • Superior system technology
  • ISO 9001 TUV certified
  • Certified consistent component quality
  • Stable structure from base out
  • Adaptable-components can be used for propping or general scaffolding
  • Ease of assembly and disassembly-logical assembly sequence, exact height adjustment, typetested
  • Safety-load-locking claw connection is certain
  • Economics-optimized, system-based, easy to use first-quality products


Allround Scaffolding Heavy Duty System from Layher

Layher Allround Scaffolding has become a synonym in the marketplace for modular scaffolding. The fast, bolt-free system technology with AutoLock function permits connections that can be automatically right-angled, or with a variety of other angles as required — all with built-in safety.

The Allround system’s flexibility offers an unmatched variety of uses, including scaffolding for work sites, protection, facades, or for support as internal/birdcage scaffolding or as rolling towers. It is the ideal choice for the most difficult layouts and the most restrictive safety requirements. Allround is used in a number of industries: construction, chemical plants, power stations, and shipyards.

The range of available accessories gives Allround Scaffolding its versatility to adapt to any need. With the correct engineered design and a few accessories specific for shoring, you can create the simplest bay or the largest structure for shoring and propping.