Heavy-Duty Scaffold Towers – Shoring, Forming & Propping

scaffold towers

Layher scaffold towers and support scaffolding systems are easily, logically and quickly assembled from a few parts to take on the heaviest loads and toughest, most complex assignments.

Heavy-duty 20 foot (6 m) Allround® scaffold towers can each support loads of close to 150,000 lbs (700kN) or even higher. Permissible loadings can be increased considerably by using Layher’s reinforced base jacks and head jacks (U-heads) additional bracing (ledgers and diagonals) and/or joining standards with Layher’s unique twin wedge couplers.

In applications exceeding the load-bearing capacities of traditional scaffold towers, it is possible to use heavyduty towers and columns constructed with Allround® Scaffolding. Heavy-duty spindles and specially designed heavy-duty top and bottom collars allow clustering of standards-and a significant increase above load capacity for individual standards.

For ultimate bearing capacity choose strong – choose Layher.

Combining four Allround® standards achieves an extremely high load-bearing capacity. This type support can be used in multiple arrangements with various load-bearing capacities–a heavy-duty tower or a heavy-duty column–and expanded with ease to meet irregular, complex jobs effectively.

Layher’s Allround® Scaffolding makes an ideal shoring/propping system–it has extremely high strength capacity values, is self-supporting and is quick to install. Being both scaffolding and a propping system it is economic and versatile.

The Benefits of Layher Heavy-Duty Scaffold Towers

    • Superior system technology
    • ISO 9001 TUV certified
    • Strong-verified high load-bearing capacity from 4,500 lbs (20 kN) per tower, expandable to 10,000 lbs (50kN).
    • Certified consistent component quality
    • Stable structure from base out
    • Adaptable-components can be used for propping or general scaffolding
    • Ease of assembly and disassembly-logical assembly sequence, exact height adjustment, typetested
    • Safety-load-locking claw connection is certain
    • Economics-optimized, system-based, easy to use first-quality products