Bridging System

Layher scaffolding bridging system

The Allround Bridging System is the Ideal Addition to Layher Allround Scaffolding

From general scaffolding applications to the pedestrian application, the Layher Allround® Bridging system offers key advantages and is fully compatible with Layher Allround® Scaffolding. Typical installations range from foot bridges to support girders for heavy loads, with a choice of bay sizes to optimize versatility.

Construction can be done directly on the scaffold or at ground level for craning into position, Optional add-on include steel decks, Layher ‘Protect’ panels, child-proof guardrails and temporary roof sections. As a result, clear benefits almost independent of terrain and pedestrian traffic requirements can be readily achieved.

When used as a support girder, installations such as scaffold foundation, roof structures and even suspended scaffolding can be installed, significantly enhancing the versatility of the bridging design.

Benefits of Layher Allround Bridging

  • Rapid assembly thanks to bolt-free pin and wedge head connections.
  • Pre-assembly on the ground and effortless positioning by crane are possible.
  • Pedestrians can be kept safer by means of cladding and roofing using the Protect System.
  • Can be assembled with all Layher system decks (depending on required load).
  • Length flexible in the standard dimension of 2.07 m (6 ft 9 in) or 2.57 m (8 ft 5 in).
  • Bridging of spans up to around 22 m (72 ft) wide.
  • Strengthening of scaffolding, platforms and roofs.