Scaffolding Decks

Scaffolding decks by Layher

Choose Layher scaffolding decks for every application – Doubling as a work surface and as a stiffener, Layher scaffolding decks cope well with changing load requirements, provide selectable bay lengths and are quick and easy to assemble and dismantle. Gap-free, 100% wood-free decks and precision-fit toe boards eradicate trip-hazards and drop throughs, increasing worker and job site safety.Rely on Layher design engineering for safety and performance down to the last detail.

Layher Scaffolding Decks

    • Steel deck – Durable and very strong. Particularly appreciated in industrial applications because of its tough, slip-resistant perforated surface.
    • Stalu deck – An extremely light aluminum structure with a strong steel cap, ensures long life.
    • Robust deck – A combination of wood and aluminum. The lightweight and one-part design makes for very rapid assembly and dismantling.
    • Steel plank – Use for safer corner solutions and length equalization. The right choice for stringent fire protection requirements. Extremely durable. Safer and lighter than wooden planks.

The Benefits of Layher Scaffolding Decks

    • Layher product quality and workmanship – high strength, maximum safety, long life
    • Efficient Handling – Weight-optimized, precision fitting, quick and easy to assemble and dismantle
    • Fast assembly and dismantling – Thanks to the Layher claw. Also available for round tubes.
    • Huge range of products & materials – Steel, aluminium, wood, aluminium/plywood combination
    • Quality – Long life cycle, highest safety and stability