Cassette Roof Scaffolding

Layher Scaffolding Cassette Roof

Stable, system-independent technology that sets the standard.

This adaptable, rugged roof system is for spanning big gaps and taking heavier loads–an enormously stable and versatile interim weather protection for use on every scaffolding system. Strong enough to walk on.

Open the Layher Cassette Roof scaffolding system for material transport at any time. Translucent components provide illumination. The bracing effect of Layher’s cassette technology gives strength and savings on materials.

Layher Scaffolding Cassette Roof over church

Benefits of the Layher Cassette Roof Scaffolding

  • Versatility

    Used as a roof, but can be expanded into a complete hall using the Keder sheet wall

  • Attractive appearance

    Attention-getting, good for the image.

  • Solid and persuasive technology

    Extremely robust and designed for frequent assembly and disassembly. The design of the elements has been proven itself countless times on challenging building sites.

  • Extreme spans

    As much as 27.1 m(89 ft) Larger spans are possible though additional structural measures such as corner bracing or corner struts.

  • System-independent

    The cassette roof can be assembled on almost all standard scaffolding systems without problem. As a supporting structure no custom solutions are required.

  • Very simple material supply

    To permit material supply to the site, the Layher cassette roof can be opened at any location by simply removing on or more roof cassettes by hand. Specially designed handles facilitate this process even more.

  • Outstanding Quality

    With the innovative and practical rope safety system, you are excellently protected during both assembly and dismantling with the highest safety as well as very good mobility.

Layher Scaffolding Cassette Roof on water tower