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Versatile, reusable technology that ensures safety on any roof.

The Layher Edge Protection Railing Clamp is a quickly and easily assembled product that provides edge protection for any work on a rooftop or on floors with walls. The Layher Edge Clamp secures to the edge of a concrete floor or the top of a parapet wall, regardless of the structure’s curvature. Unlike wooden handrails, the Layher Edge Clamp’s steel handrails will not rot over time, making it a safer and reusable solution to your edge protection needs.

Benefits of the Edge Protection Railing Clamp:

  • Fast Assembly – The Edge Clamp is easy and quick to assemble
  • Cost Effectiveness – Reusable, saves money
  • Safety – Meets standards by securing to concrete floors and fascias of 6-13 in (16-33 cm) height and to flat roofs of buildings and are OSHA and CSA compliant.
  • Strength – Designed to catch a falling worker and support the weight of a person leaning against the railing.
  • Compatibility – Follows the curvature of any building
  • Durability – Steel handrails can be used and easily secured in place of wood 2x4s
  • Versatility – Larger lengths handrails can be used for increased coverage
  • Additional Features – Add gates for access through product selection

Layher Edge Protection Railing Clamp Layher Edge Protection Railing ClampLayher Edge Protection Railing Clamp