leuningklem dakrandbeveiliging kruibeke euro rent (9) Close Up Of Layher's Edge Protection Railing Clamp Layher Edge Protection Railing Clamp Being Used On Top Of Scaffolding Tower

Versatile, reusable technology that ensures safety on any roof.

The Layher Edge Protection Railing Clamp is a quickly and easily assembled product that provides edge protection for any work on a rooftop or on floors with walls. The Layher Edge Clamp secures to the edge of a concrete floor or the top of a parapet wall, regardless of the structure’s curvature. Unlike wooden handrails, the Layher Edge Clamp’s steel handrails will not rot over time, making it a safer and reusable solution to your fall protection needs.

Benefits of the Edge Protection Railing Clamp:

Fast Assembly

The Edge Clamp is easy and quick to assemble, making it easy to adapt and use in any work site.


Reusing one of Layher’s Edge Protection Railing clamp saves money, and saves you from buying new equipment for every worksite.


Meets standards by securing concrete floors and fascias of 6-13 in (16-33 cm) height and to flat roofs of buildings and are OSHA and CSA compliant.


This roof edge protection is designed to catch a falling worker and support the weight of a person leaning against the railing.


Follows the curvature of any building, and works with Layher’s complete line of scaffolding products.


Steel handrails can be used and easily secured in place of wood 2x4s.


Larger lengths handrails can be used for increased coverage, making them versatile and easy to use across multiple sites.

Additional Features

Add gates for access through product selection.

Layher Edge Protection Railing Clamp Layher Edge Protection Railing ClampLayher Edge Protection Railing Clamp