How Industrial Platforms Are Used & The Layher Advantage

At Layher, we are known for our world-class-quality scaffolding. But, we also offer various other products including industrial platforms, which are completely customizable depending on how you need to use them.

Whether you work in the oil and gas, pulp and paper, or shipbuilding industries, you’ve likely seen or used industrial step platforms. When you choose Layher industrial scaffold platforms, you can rest assured knowing the quality and ease of use will be exactly what you’ve come to expect from us.

How Industrial Platforms are Used

Our specific type of industrial scaffold platform can be used to provide temporary access to normally out-of-reach areas. Scaffolding helps you and your workers paint, repair, and blast areas, conduct inspections, or do electrical work.

Most commonly, Layher’s industrial scaffold solutions are used to repair or replace equipment such as pipe racks that would otherwise be out of reach.

Advantages of Layher Scaffolding Solutions

Most industrial platforms use some type of external ladder access. This can pose a tremendous danger for three reasons:

  1. The ladder is typically installed outside of the platform, so there is always the danger that somebody could hit it.
  2. Climbing ladders can be extremely challenging.
  3. That challenge can be even more difficult when there are also tools and materials being transported up and down the ladder.

Stair Access

Layher’s industrial platforms can have stair access. It’s important to have scaffolding and stairway towers so your workers can carry parts and tools safer up and down to the industrial platform.

Added Security

We have two layers of safety to keep your workers protected: our external comfort stair system is just one of our temporary stair solutions that makes climbing the platform easier, particularly when carrying tools and materials. And in uniquely challenging situations, we offer stairs within the perimeter of the scaffold. This provides an additional level of protection without sacrificing workspace.

For example, our construction access scaffolding solution includes safety ladders that can be used either for suspension or are already integrated. This stair system offers better protection for your workers and has a hatch system that closes off the access opening.

Easy to Assemble

Like all Layher products, our industrial platform is made of high-quality galvanized steel. It can withstand harsh and challenging conditions, including the extreme temperature fluctuations of an industrial environment and potential inclement weather.


Layher industrial platforms come in a multitude of sizes. They can be built to any width and height needed and can be secured with anchorage, guying, or ballast.

Suitable for Any Industry

We offer specialized industrial work platforms for a variety of industries because we know that you cannot compromise when working in these fields:

Popular Features

Our customers appreciate that all of our industrial platforms are customizable and have several add-ons, such as steel planks, gap covers, and toe boards that are available in galvanized steel.

This equipment reduces the need for wood and therefore lowers the burn rate as well. Additional parts and pieces can be added to reach into special areas, including console brackets.

Layher industrial platforms can also be adjusted in terms of dimensions and shape. In some instances, engineering might be necessary; our engineering department offers support for this.

Choosing Layher Industrial Platform Solutions

Whether you need an industrial platform for the pulp and paper industry or you work in power generation, it’s important to know that you can count on Layher to fit your needs.

We have the highest quality, most customizable, and greatest size range of scaffolding on the market. Once you’ve chosen the platform you need, we can help you set up and get you back to work sooner!

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