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Layher North America is located in Houston, Texas, and it serves as the Central Branch and Corporate Headquarters for Layher Inc. across the United States. We serve as a major distribution hub for German manufactured scaffolding materials, such as Layher Allround Scaffolding, or public access stair solutions. We also offer custom engineering, technical, and training services for our customers.

Who Do We Serve?

We may be located in Texas, but our Houston branch proudly serves both Oklahoma and Louisiana. Many different industries create groundbreaking projects in these areas, and we are proud to provide our products for them. Our clients range from commercial construction companies to government infrastructure installations to heavy-duty green and brownfield construction. We also serve companies specializing in maintenance and turnaround projects for the petrochemical industry.  The local industries that we work with include Power Plants, Cement Plants, Refineries, Mining, Chemical Plants, Pulp and Paper, Shipbuilding, and many more. 

What Do We Offer?

At the Houston branch of Layher North America, we offer a wide range of services. We have a sales team that is available to assist in purchasing or renting any of our scaffolding products. We also have engineering services and training available to teams looking for insight into using scaffolding. Finally, we do offer financing options when considering Layher Scaffolding.

Layher Scaffolding Products

Houston branchAs the Headquarters for Layher North America, the Houston branch serves as the main distribution hub for Layher’s German manufactured scaffolding materials. This means we have a wide array of products available for purchase. We offer the best-selling Layher Allround Scaffolding, as well as the SpeedyScaf system for basic scaffolding structures. We offer various types of protective systems, such as Protec panels, or roof systems for temporary weather protection. In addition to these products, Layher Texas offers many scaffolding accessories, such as our new FlexBeam technology. We also offer various options for public access or temporary stairway systems.

If you are in the area and are looking for quality scaffolding, Layher is the place to call. We are proven to be the industry standard for years, and our products can speak for themselves. If you’re interested in purchasing or renting, contact the Houston branch today.

Layher Scaffolding – Houston, TX Branch

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