For a construction project to be considered a success, it usually has to be completed on time and on or under its budget. However, along with these determining factors, increased productivity and safety also make a construction project successful. Because of this, making excellent use of portable scaffolding and portable stairs from Layher can ensure even the most complex of projects meets the above-mentioned criteria.

What are Portable Stairs?

Also known as temporary stairs, portable stairs are types of stairwell systems that allow workers or non-employees access to various areas of a construction site. While most mobile stairs are used primarily by workers to complete their construction tasks, moveable stairs such as these can also be erected to allow the general public to have access to entrances and other areas while construction is being completed.

What Types of Temporary Stairs are Available?

Since Layher mobile stairs utilize a modular design that makes them easily used in many different types of construction environments, numerous types are available for purchase. These include comfort stairs that configure a landing-type stair tower for our Allround scaffolding, and a comfort stair tower that allows access to an adjoining scaffold or use as a freestanding structure that is secured to a nearby building.

Are There Safety Codes for Mobile Scaffolding?

Like other types of equipment used in and around construction projects, mobile scaffolding is required to meet safety codes. At Layher, making sure all moveable stairs and mobile scaffolds meet these requirements is our top priority. In fact, since our mobile stairs are stringently tested for performance and durability, they have been found to meet all current U.S. safety regulations via OSHA as well as if required for the project International Building Code requirements.

Can Portable Scaffolding and Stairs be Easily Set Up?

Since construction companies face tight deadlines to get projects finished, workers don’t have time to waste trying to put together complex and confusing portable scaffolding and stairs. By using Layher stair products, assembly and dismantling is quick and easy. Combining a modular design that requires few tools for assembly, nothing is left to chance in regards to everything fitting together very securely.

Capable of Heavy Loads

If you are hesitant about mobile stairs because you think they cannot support heavy loads, put your mind at ease. Once you rely on Layher moveable stairs and portable scaffolding, temporary stairs and scaffolding used at your job site will be able to handle very heavy loads. Able to be used on buildings that are too tall for many types of portable scaffolding and stairs, Layher mobile stairs and scaffolding have plenty of workspace and offer freedom of movement.

No Logistics Problems

Finally, Layher heavy duty portable scaffolding and stairs won’t result in you experiencing logistics problems. With low weights and volumes of individual parts, the modern modular design, and high-quality production and galvanized steel components, Layher mobile stairs and roll around scaffolding can be used with high live loads with no problem whatsoever.

Whether your needs can be met with the 10, 12, or 16 leg-standard layout of a Layher Stair Tower or you have other portable scaffolding and stairs needs, trust Layher to make your construction project easier and safer. To learn more about how our portable industrial stairs and scaffolding can work for you, talk to us today.