While some construction jobs are straightforward, others are complex and require cutting-edge solutions that will enhance worker safety and ensure the project gets completed on time. To meet these goals, scaffold shoring is necessary. Since load capacities are the major concern on large jobs where shoring scaffolding systems are needed, you need to work with a company that uses the latest innovation and has a reputation for producing durable, reliable, and safe scaffolding shoring systems, such as us here at Layher.

What is the Purpose of Shoring?

Along with allowing support structures that will be used on large-scale projects to be constructed in an easy, quick, and safer manner, scaffold shoring also enables load capacities to be multiplied many times over by using 4 HD shoring parts, meaning jobs can get done at a much faster rate while still ensuring all safety standards are met.

Can Shoring Made of Scaffolding Contain Access Openings?

If you are concerned about workers, conveyor belts, and various types of equipment not having the access openings needed to help a job proceed as scheduled, that is not a problem if you are using Layher shoring scaffolding systems. Thanks to the flexible matching gained from using base plates, head jacks, O-ledgers, and diagonal braces, access openings can be created while still allowing for heavy-duty support.

What Types of Projects Require Scaffold Shoring?

The answer to this question runs the gamut. From a typical multi-story office building to even a science museum where the task was to build a planetarium sphere with 30 puzzle-piece wedges weighing 50,000 pounds each, shoring frame scaffolding from Layher has proven itself time and time again to be up to the challenge. In fact, whether you need scaffold shoring for an oil and gas refinery, mining operation, or even a shipyard where you are constructing the latest state-of-the-art cruise ship, Layher shoring scaffolding systems can be adapted to your job’s unique challenges.

The Innovation of Shoring Towers

When discussing shoring construction, there is little doubt shoring towers have almost revolutionized how many of today’s most complex construction jobs are done. Here at Layher, we are leading the way in heavy-duty support scaffolding and scaffold shoring. In fact, the Layher shoring towers can be used as a substructure for pre-assembled slab tables, since it is easily adaptable and can be configured to match the terrain.

Benefits of Scaffold Shoring

While some of the benefits of scaffolding shoring systems have already been mentioned, there are others that also merit your consideration. From the ease of assembly and disassembly due to modular technology and safety load-locking claw connections to being ISO 9001 TUV-certified, different load-bearing capacities can be achieved based on assembly height and wind load. As a result, the shoring scaffolding systems can be used vertically, horizontally, or even at various angles.

When taking on a job where high load-bearing capacity and difficult terrain are just some parts of the equation, don’t leave anything to chance regarding your shoring scaffolding systems. Instead, talk to us here at Layher about what you need for your project. By doing so, you’ll come away with shoring scaffolding systems you’ll know are safe and reliable.