When there is a need to work on a construction site at a height for an extended period of time, professionals need an effective way to get the job done. While a ladder may be efficient for a short project, it won’t do the trick for larger-scale jobs. However, a scaffold tower can be a useful piece of equipment when working at height for an extended period of time or when extra room for storing material is needed.

Unfortunately, this isn’t likely a piece of equipment that your company might have laying around. Luckily, that’s where Layher comes in with scaffold tower rental services. When used appropriately, scaffold towers that are rented from Layher are easy to assemble, can easily be moved from one position to another with the addition of casters, and can offer increased accessibility on the worksite.

What Are Scaffold Towers?

Scaffold towers are essentially smaller versions of full-size scaffolding. While regular scaffolding can be built around virtually any shape of a building, towers are limited to a rectangular or square base.

Unlike full-size scaffolding, scaffold towers can have optional wheels on them. This makes the towers easy to move from one position to another around the construction site. In fact, it is the addition of these wheels and their smaller size that makes scaffold towers such a great piece of equipment to rent, because they are so convertible. This is particularly true when compared to other pieces of equipment like aerial lifts. However, despite the fact that they are smaller in size, it is important that the tower may be reduced in size before it is moved to improve its stability and reduce the risk of injury.

Should I Rent a Scaffolding Tower?

A scaffolding tower can be rented for upcoming projects if it is a one-time job. Renting is also a good choice for newer contractors who are just getting started and don’t have a stream of income just yet.

Layher makes it easy to rent a scaffolding tower. Whether contractors are looking for a 2-story rolling scaffold tower rental, a 3-story rolling scaffold tower rental, a scaffold stair tower rental, or something else entirely, contractors can trust Layher with their scaffolding tower rental needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Scaffold Tower?

There are several factors that play a role in the cost of a scaffold tower rental. Some of these factors include the location of the rental company, the duration of the project, and the size and type of the equipment.

However, by choosing to work with Layher, contractors can rest easy knowing that they won’t break the bank to rent the equipment they need to complete their projects. We offer very competitive rates and even offer Rent-to-Own programs if you choose to purchase your scaffold tower.

At Layher, we understand the importance of having quality equipment to complete construction projects. For more information about quality scaffold towers and other scaffolding equipment, contact us today.