There’s always a safer way up and down when you use Layher’s temporary construction stairs. From our modular stairways, platform stairs, stairway towers, to internal ladder access we have a multitude of ways to get around. The choice is yours. As always, no matter what your selection is all are made using Layher’s quality aluminum or steel. They are easy to install and dismantle and above all else they are made to the highest quality standards for you and your workers safety.

Modular Stairway

Our modular stairways can be constructs to meet any dimension utilizing single stair components. Each stair weighs less than 30 lbs. and our modular stairway rises 20cm from step to step. Made of hot-dip galvanized steel, we can provide access possibilities that always fit your needs. Any intermediate dimension can be achieved without ad-hoc solutions simply by fitting together the individual stairway parts. It’s that easy!

Platform Stairs

If you’re looking for safety, speed and ease of use when ascending a scaffolding, then look no further than our platform stairs. They can easily be integrated into the SpeedyScaf or Allround system They are an economical and safer alternative to ladders. These stairs also improve efficiency on site and are ideally suited for any construction or industrial project.

Stairway Tower 750

From platform, to compact, to Allround and modular scaffolding there are a variety of stairway towers to choose from.

Our stairway tower 750 has a child-safety guardrail in view of its riser dimensions. It is designed for temporary structures in public areas. You would normally see it being used for road-crossings during building work, as stairways inside buildings for the duration of the construction work, as a mandatory escape stairway tower or as a construction stairway tower. The stairway tower 750 has a high load-bearing capacity to meet the demanding requirements of the International Building Code.

Allround Stairway 200

The Allround stairway tower 200 is another popular choice for access in construction and industrial applications. Each stairway is assembled from two separate U-stairway stringers with standard decks used as steps. Using decks as scaffold steps allows an even more variety in the stairway width.

The Solution for Temporary Construction Stairs

With more than 70 years of experience Layher is your dependable and experienced partner in temporary construction stairs. We offer temporary access solutions for a variety of applications. From public access stairways to construction site platform stairs, Layer has the right solution for your access requirements, regardless of which scaffolding system you use.