Layher’s Rent-Before-You-Own Scaffolding Program

You’re on the hunt for scaffolding and now you face a significant decision. 

Almost every construction site requires scaffolding. And whether you decide to rent on a project-by-project basis or invest in scaffolding for years to come is up to you. 

This significant initial investment can seem daunting. But adding up these rental costs over the years can also be alarming.  

At Layher, we combine the two options with our Rent-Before-You-Own program. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Renting Scaffolding? 

The decision to rent scaffolding might not be easy, and there are pros and cons to consider. 

Advantages Of Renting Scaffolding

No storage fees

You can turn in the scaffolding when a project is complete. No need to organize storage — or to pay for it. Renting can reduce your costs and minimize your to-do list. 


You only need a scaffold rental for a certain period, and that time is decided by you. If you prefer flexibility over permanence, then renting is the way to go.

No upfront investment

If you choose to rent over purchasing, there is no large lump sum to pay at the beginning of your project. This can be a difficult barrier for new or small businesses to overcome, and with renting, you avoid it completely.

Synchronize cash flow

Organize your project costs efficiently. Your accountant will know which decision is best for your books, but renting can help layout a project’s costs in an organized manner.

Disadvantages of Renting Scaffolding


If you start a large project with short notice, finding a scaffold rental that suits your needs may be difficult. If you purchase scaffolding, you’ll always have it available. 

Rental competition

The scaffold rental company might also self-perform and be one of your competitors. If you want to keep your business as the only one on the job, purchasing scaffolding is a great idea.

Missing out on an asset

If you rent scaffolding instead of purchasing it, you may be missing out on an excellent opportunity to add to your company’s assets, and in turn, increase your business’s value.

Losing competitive advantage

Having a superior scaffold can be a competitive advantage that will help your business secure clients. When you purchase your own scaffolding, you’ll be able to speak to the quality and safety it holds. 

Limited access to innovations

With renting, you are at the mercy of the rental company’s inventory. If they don’t keep their offerings up to date, you won’t have access to the latest and greatest scaffolds. 

Introducing Layher’s Rent-Before-You-Own Scaffolding Program

So, there are pros and cons to scaffold rentals. It’s good to have options. That’s why we created our Rent-Before-You-Own scaffold program. 

With the Layher scaffold rental program, you can rent scaffolding while earning equity towards a purchase.

And, as a bonus, you only rent what you need for as long as you need. You can decide later which parts you would like your company to own. 

Whether you need a scaffold for a few months or a longer-term project, you can decide the duration at a price that works for you. 

If you’re curious about the quality of the scaffolding in our Rent-Before-You-Own Program, we can ease your mind right away: 

  • Rental Scaffolding Quality: We offer scaffold rentals of the highest quality. Our scaffolds are made in Germany and designed to meet the needs of construction sites. 
  • Scaffolding Materials: And no matter what materials you need, we have them as part of our scaffold rental program: access systems, scaffolding, stair towers, and more. 
  • Scaffolding Options: Whether you’re working on a large residential project, a commercial project, an industrial site, or an entire infrastructure, we have the scaffold options to suit your job.

Earn Equity While You Rent!

A Rent-Before-You-Own program is the answer if you’re looking for the best of both worlds. 

Layher allows you to earn equity while you rent. So, if you rent scaffolding through us and decide to buy, we apply a portion of your rental payments towards equity.

It’s like a scaffold rental and purchase all at once, without the cons we mentioned earlier.

Certain restrictions apply. Please call us if you need more details.

How it Works

Let us break down our Rent-Before-You-Own Program. 

First, we will quote you for the rental period and scaffolding your project requires.

When you return your rental scaffolding, or even while you’re still on the job site, you have the option to purchase your scaffold rental. 

And the best part: a portion of your rental payments are applied towards equity. 

If you’re not ready to purchase, no problem. Simply return the equipment to Layher with no obligations or commitments. 

Why Layher?

Here are some quick facts about Layher, the world’s largest privately-owned scaffolding manufacturer: 

  • All of our scaffolding is made in Germany
  • Our mission is to make you the owner of scaffold assets. 
  • Our Rent-Before-You-Buy program allows you to test-drive our scaffolds before making a big purchase. 
  • By offering a Rent-Before-You-Own program, we provide customers with a financing option. 
  • Our Rent-Before-You-Own program also allows you to earn equity while you rent!
  • Our partnership approach means we also provide training and engineering support to our customers. Call us for more details about the Layher partnership. 

Ready to Rent-Before-You-Own Your Scaffolding? 

A scaffolding rental is a big decision for your business. 

Deciding between renting or buying can be tricky, but Layher’s Rent-Before-You-Own Program makes the decision easier. 

Contact us to learn more about our Rent-Before-You-Own scaffolding program.

As always, certain restrictions apply.