Many in the construction industry wouldn’t recognize commercial-grade scaffolding. To them, one scaffolding is no different than any other. What goes on a house is just the same as what supports a large building when it needs its façade changed. Yet, commercial-grade scaffolding covers a diverse range of facilities and projects. One of the elements that often defines commercial scaffold projects is that the buildings are public spaces. They are required to continue with their function while any work is being carried out. You can find commercial grade scaffolding in several different places, including offices and shopping centers to schools, hospitals, factories, and airports.

Adhere to the Standards

First and foremost, learn what international scaffolding standards are being used in your region and find commercial grade scaffolding that adheres to them. As many of us know in the construction industry, there are many standards throughout the world. They’ve been developed with good reason.

At Layher, all of our products, including our commercial-grade scaffolding, adhere to the highest international standards. The strength of our welded seams, force analysis, and tension testing are all examples of how we work to meet the variety of criteria. When the tests are completed, the results can be made available, providing an accurate record of the procedures implemented.

Invest in the Best Product you can Afford

The best scaffolding systems, such as Layher’s, are not a simple commodity. They are a highly developed technical product. Our Allround modular scaffolding is easy to use, erect, and dismantle. But it’s an unmatched commercial-grade scaffolding product that has taken thousands of man-hours to develop, with engineers and many different types of technicians. We have become the industry standard for modular scaffolding because it appears simple. However, its integration into the construction system as a whole is not that simple. It’s just the opposite-very complex. Yet, that complexity is hidden in our design.

Often contractors may spend a tremendous amount of money on equipment to erect a commercial structure such as a church or office building and save money on the scaffolding. The money they think they’re saving will usually be spent during time-consuming erection or on-site adaptations. These things could have been avoided if the contractor had chosen Layher commercial-grade scaffolding. If your scaffolding doesn’t adapt to your construction situation, including space requirements, then it’s not the right fit.

Make sure there’s technical support

In the event of an issue, it’s essential the client can access your commercial grade scaffolding manufacturer and that they have a strong technical support team that
can help you.

With Layher’s sales subsidiaries and partners, we ensure the availability of all our commercial grade scaffolding products anytime and anywhere. We carry an enormous and comprehensive inventory on the ground in the U.S. and Canada. As such, we can deliver and handle all arrangements for trucking and shipment to the job site. When it concerns obtaining scaffolding material and scaffolding support on tight deadlines in the U.S. and Canada, count on Layher.

Commercial Grade Scaffolding

Whether you’re renovating a church’s exterior, the interior of a hospital, or the entryway of an office building, do your homework in advance. Hire the best commercial-grade scaffolding for your job. Ensure you engage a company with technical support, offers a superior product, and adheres to widely recognized standards.