When you have a job that will require workers to be high above ground, it is likely you will need scaffolding. However, if it is a one-time job or you don’t want to incur the expense of purchasing scaffolding, you may instead be interested in pursuing scaffold rentals from us here at Layher. Should you have some questions or be skeptical about scaffolding rental, you shouldn’t be. Unlike some situations where you may rent equipment and find it does not measure up to your high standards, Layher scaffolding rental allows you to get high-quality scaffolding at reasonable prices.

What Types of Scaffolding Can be Rented?

Since Layher offers so many types of scaffolding rental opportunities for companies in various industries, you can be assured of finding exactly what you need. Whether you are wanting interior scaffolding rental or exterior scaffolding rental, we have you covered. In fact, you can rent scaffolding ranging from smaller rolling scaffolding that is very mobile and easy to use to larger two-story and much higher scaffolding that can be used when working on buildings, ships, or within large manufacturing plants. Instead of looking elsewhere and hoping you rent scaffolding that will be easy to use and meet all required safety standards, get it from Layher, and trust you’re getting what you need. Find out more about scaffold rental from us here at Layher.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent Scaffolding Near Me?

While you may think the cost of renting scaffolding will bust your company’s budget, that is not the case if you choose to work with us here at Layher. Along with having a large selection of interior, exterior, and mobile scaffolding, we also offer Rent-to-Own programs for our customers. Offering very competitive rates, we at Layher also work with you should you decide to purchase your scaffolding after your rental or lease term expires. This has numerous advantages, one being that most of your previous payments can be applied as equity. As a result, you will be able to own your scaffolding much faster than you anticipated.

Is Rental Scaffolding Truly High-Quality?

Here at Layher, any scaffolding that is rented or leased by our customers offers the same high-quality and technological innovation as that which is purchased through direct sales. In fact, we at Layher are committed to producing the highest-quality and most durable scaffolding in use today. By investing heavily in the latest research and development technology and methods, we have obtained a reputation within the scaffolding industry as being the gold standard.

Can I Erect and Disassemble Rental Scaffolding Easily?

Absolutely. When you choose to rent or lease scaffolding from Layher, we ensure you are getting scaffolding that will meet your company’s needs and also be very easy to work with from start to finish. A great example of this is our SpeedyScaf Scaffolding, which adheres to OSHA and other safety codes. Also, it is very easy to erect and disassemble, since it has a bolt-free assembly with only five basic elements and very few manual operations.

Since having scaffolding on your job that can be counted on for its safety and reliability is crucial to your bottom line, take advantage of our scaffold rental and lease options here at Layher. By talking to us about your needs and what you can afford, we can come up with the perfect solution.