A scaffold is a temporary platform that is used by workers and their equipment to reach heights beyond the reach of an arm. Workers utilize scaffolds in the construction, repair, or maintenance of large structures. Typically, scaffolds are made from steel with varying complexity, depending on their purpose. Every day around the world, millions of people work on scaffolds. Therefore, scaffolds must be constructed carefully and correctly to ensure their safety.

What is Offshore Scaffolding?

Offshore scaffolding refers to any scaffolding erected around a structure at sea or some distance from shore. Offshore scaffolding allows workers to access various parts of offshore structures to add further construction or to perform repair and maintenance operations. Offshore scaffolding is available from suppliers who can offer complete scaffolding solutions and dedicated support. These suppliers will provide components, scaffolding management personnel, and software, and skilled specialist crews to erect, maintain, and eventually dismantle the scaffolding when no longer required. Offshore scaffolding work is seen as a specialist area requiring prior scaffolding experience gained on-or-offshore, and sometimes also requiring certified training for working at great heights.

Different types of Offshore Rigs

The first things many people think of upon hearing “offshore rigs” are platform and jack-up oil rigs based at sea. Indeed, sea-based oil rigs are offshore rigs, but they are hardly the only type of structure in that class. Other offshore rigs include barges, submersibles, platforms, jack-ups, floaters, and drillships. Any of these rigs will need scaffolding at some point.

Working As A Scaffolder With Offshore Scaffolding Crews

A crew of offshore scaffolders evaluates the requirements of offshore rigs and builds scaffolding that meets those needs. The crew also ensures that their scaffolding is suitable for its potential weight and remains in good condition throughout its use. Given the height of offshore rigs and that they will be working in what often amounts to hazardous conditions, scaffolding crews must be comfortable working in full safety gear.

How Scaffolding Is Made

Scaffolding is made from repeating units mainly made of galvanized steel or aluminum tubes and specialist joints, all of which are combined to provide temporary working platforms. However, these simple elements may require several items from various accessories such as guardrails, anchors, castors, and jacks. Layher, for example, offers a mind-boggling 4000 parts to answer all the special requirements of the off-shore industry.

Why Customers Flock To Layher For Their Scaffolding

Layher is the largest global producer of superior modular, integrated scaffolding systems and the leading industry innovator. Layher pioneered high-performance interconnected scaffolding systems and has led scaffolding technology and product development advancements for over 75 years. Layher’s engineering innovations and products are the benchmarks of quality, safety, performance, efficiency, and innovation in scaffolding. Layher North America is Layher’s official dealer for scaffolding products in the U.S.

Layher Scaffolding is the industry standard in modular scaffolding, surpassing conventional scaffolding construction methods. Therefore, whether as a potential offshore customer with a full complement of trained scaffolders already or an offshore customer who would also like to benefit from Layher’s range of specialized training services, talk to us today here at Layher. Expect nothing but the best from us.