Any building that’s being built, demolished, or significantly repaired is likely to require building scaffolding at one point or another. Whether the metal scaffolding is necessary for only the first floor of your structure, or the building needs scaffolding for more than 10 floors, we can help. We’re Layher, and our revolutionary Allround building scaffolding has become the industry standard. If you’re not familiar with our product, read on to learn more.

Lightweight Building Scaffold

Layher’s Allround building scaffolding is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel Despite being made of what is traditionally known as a heavier metal, Allround Lightweight is made of high tensile steel, which reduces weight, not its strength. The reduced weight of this type of scaffolding translates to lower shipment costs. It also means it takes less time to erect the scaffolding and dismantle it.

Versatile Building Scaffold

Our Allround building scaffolding is centered around the incredibly versatile Allround Connector. This device features a metal ‘rosette’ welded onto the upright component that can hold up to eight individual connections.

We created this rosette so that our building scaffold could be assembled by one individual. Regardless of height or weight, Allround scaffolds can be constructed in three dimensions from each connection point. Installations are automatically centered and correctly located for safe assembly.

With extensive international building authority certifications and approvals, Allround’s Connector is unmatched in its ability to make multiple connections thanks to its versatility.

Fast to Erect Building Scaffold

Speed is one of the most popular selling features of our Allround building scaffold. With the ability to make up to eight connections using one Allround Connector, the speed at which this scaffolding can be erected is unparalleled. It eliminates the need for the traditional time-consuming bolting, repeated adjustments, pipe and coupling entanglements. Layher’s Allround assembly is always a straightforward and easy-to-execute process.

Layher’s Building Scaffolding

Our Allround scaffolding has developed an international reputation as the pinnacle for modular scaffolding. Since its inception in 1974, it has continuously been updated, improved, and revised. Yet the general concepts remain the same. Allround scaffolding offers an unmatched variety of industrial uses, from construction sites, power stations, shipyards, , and almost anything in between. Our tremendously versatile, easy to erect, and lightweight scaffolding is the building scaffolding of choice for many in the construction industry. We hope it is for you.

We look forward to speaking with you about how Layher can help you with your next project.