When performing various maintenance tasks or construction jobs within an industrial facility, interior scaffolding is usually needed for a variety of reasons. Along with being a practical way to reach areas high above ground that need to be painted or modified in various ways, industrial scaffolding also provides a high level of safety for workers and others who may be in and around the work area. Yet while indoor scaffolding may all look alike, it is not. Should you be performing indoor construction or have other jobs that require workers to be at great heights, always select interior scaffolding that is made of high-grade steel, is easy to set up, and is engineered for maximum safety and performance, as is the case with Layher scaffolding products.

What are the Different Types of Scaffolding for Industrial Use?

Since there are many types of projects that need to be completed within industrial facilities, it makes sense that there are also numerous interior scaffolding types that can be purchased or even rented. When construction projects are underway, industrial scaffolding featuring modular stairways and hatch-type decks is often a popular choice. A low-cost but very versatile option for interior scaffolding rental, it can be easily adapted to work well with almost any type of industrial construction project.

Is Scaffolding Hard to Set Up?

When you first look at interior scaffolding, you probably think it is very difficult to set up and use. However, setting up Layher indoor scaffolding is actually much easier than you would expect. Due to the scaffolding being engineered to work well in many types of industrial facilities, ease of assembly and disassembly was made a top priority by designers and engineers.

What Facilities Can Use Industrial Scaffolding?

Due to its versatility, Layher interior hung scaffolding can be useful in virtually any type of industrial complex. Some industries that regularly rely on indoor scaffolding for stairs and other types of small scaffolding include oil and gas refineries, mining operations, chemical plants, shipbuilding facilities, pulp and paper factories, and almost any other industrial facility in existence today. In fact, whether a company is making modifications to an existing warehouse facility or in the midst of completing an addition to an existing building, interior scaffolding from Layher makes the job easier and safer for everyone.

What are the Three Types of Scaffolds?

If you are curious as to the three types of scaffold systems, these would be protective systems, access systems, and scaffold systems. For example, protective systems include such items as the edge protection railing clamp and Keder XL roofing system, while access systems include stairway towers, bridging systems, and more. As for scaffold systems, you’ll find scaffolding decks, heavy-duty towers used for shoring and propping, and accessories such as guardrails and telescoping stabilizers, which allow interior scaffolding to be assembled up to 20 feet high without the need to be anchored to a facade.

What Type of Interior Scaffolding Should You Choose?

When selecting interior scaffolding for your industrial facility, take many things into consideration, including the type of project for which it will be needed, whether you want to purchase or rent scaffolding, and how easy it will be for your workers to assemble and use it. While cost will always be a factor in these decisions, don’t let it be the driving force. Instead, make quality and safety your main goals.

Should you have additional questions about industrial scaffolding, talk to the experts at Layher today.