Simply put, an access platform provides a temporary or a permanent way for workers to perform a task at various heights. A reliable and well-built access platform can provide a safer work environment by reducing injuries and equipment damage. At Layher, our access platforms for industrial applications are made from our Allround scaffolding. We also offer a variety of gap covers and a safer way up. Not sure what that all means? Read on to learn a little bit more!

Allround Scaffolding-The Secret to Layher’s Access Platforms

Layher’s access platforms start with a base of Allround scaffolding, which is the industry standard for modular scaffolding. This hot-dip galvanized scaffolding is the preferred choice for industrial facilities around the world. Not to mention, chemical plants, power stations, refineries, construction sites and factories. The Allround scaffolding has unmatched versatility. Because of this, Layher’s access platforms are incredibly adaptable and specifically designed to get into areas where standard platforms cannot.

Gapless Decking

Our access platforms can be optionally enhanced with our various gap cover solutions. This improves safety, as our gap covers are all made out of metal. Gap covers came in a variety of different sizes and strength, hence they can be adapted to any particular building situation.

In addition, special ledgers, such as deck to deck legers, allow to adapt to various site conditions and build around obstacles while still using regular scaffold decks.

A Safer Way Up

Layher offers a safer way to reach our access platforms. They’re called comfort stairs, and they are much more comfortable and more reliable to climb. That is because they are equipped with inner and outer guardrails. Our stairwells are also available in different widths, which provide additional safety. The wider the stairs are, the more people can pass by.

Additionally, Layher offers internal ladder access. If someone climbs onto an access platform, they aren’t exposed to an external ladder or the potential to be hit by someone.

We offer metal toe boards that reduce the need for the use of wood and custom build,. We also offer many different accessories that adapt to various building conditions that are available right out of the box. This type of convenience eliminates the need for custom builds and makes Layher such a logical choice.

Access Platforms

A well-built access platform is worth its weight in gold. It provides a sound stage on which workers can safely and securely complete their work—thereby allowing work to get done quickly and safely. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. The next time you’re in the market for an access platform, consider Layher’s first and foremost. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.