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Here at Layher West Coast Sales Office, we offer a wide range of services to our clients. For example, we have a stellar sales team that assists in renting or purchasing our scaffolding products. In addition, since many companies are seeking insight into the best and most innovative ways to use scaffolding, we provide training and engineering services to these clients. As an added bonus, we also provide various financing options for clients who are considering using Layher Scaffolding.

Who Do We Serve?

Since the west coast area encompasses a large part of the west of U.S., Layher West Coast Sales Office assists customers in many states. While always seeking to expand our territory, we currently serve customers in California State, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Washington and Oregon. As to the types of clients our office serves, the most common include commercial construction companies, pulp and paper mills, shipbuilding yards, mining operations, and various other industrial and manufacturing clients.

A Wide Array of Services

At the West Coast Sales Office of Layher North America, we offer a wide range of services. We have a sales team that is available to assist in purchasing or renting any of our scaffolding products. We also have engineering services and training available to teams looking for insight into using scaffolding. Finally, we do offer financing options when considering Layher Scaffolding.

Ocala Florida

Our Scaffolding Products

If you think all scaffolding is alike, think again. Here at Layher, we know it all about scaffolding, which is why we offer only that which meets the high standards associated with German manufacturing. For example, if your project requires scaffolding that offers maximum protection, we can suggest protective systems that allow for overhead protection, continued public access to stairways, and more. Also, should you need scaffolding that will be mobile and easy to move from one location to another, we can explain about SpeedyScaf and our Layher Allround scaffolding.

Since we’ve been trusted by thousands of customers over the decades, it’s time you do the same by calling us here at our Layher’s West Coast Sales Office at (346) 372-2196. With our knowledge, experience, and commitment to customer service, you’ll get great scaffolding at affordable prices.


Julien Riga
Tel: (346) 372-2196
Email: Julien.riga@layher.us