Smart solutions & dedicated scaffold support— from start to finish.

Layher sales subsidiaries and partners ensure the availability of Layher scaffolding products anytime and anywhere. With a huge comprehensive inventory on the ground in the U.S. and Canada, Layher can deliver no matter how extensive the job and handle all arrangements for trucking and shipment to the job site. When it comes to obtaining scaffolding material and scaffold support on tight deadlines in the U.S. and Canada—rely on Layher.

Layher Software Solutions

Time and materials are the crucial factors in scaffolding construction. To help Layher customers use both as effectively as possible, Layher has developed practical and easy to use software programs for scaffolding planning that offer a high degree of commercial and technical planning reliability, optimized use of material capacities and full cost transparency at every point of a project.

Layher scaffolding layplanLAYPLAN CAD

Thanks to integration into the LayPLAN system, the basic planning can be handled in automated form using the proven LayPLAN CLASSIC. Project data can be quickly recorded using input masks, ensuring a time saving for every order. The data are then simply exported into the AutoCAD program, which offers further possibilities for detailed 3D planning. A visual collision check is possible with the aid of volume rendering. Using a convenient search function with preview image, scaffolding planners can find not only an extensive library of Layher individual parts, but also assemblies already prefabricated for even faster design work. The detailed drawings can then be printed out. It is possible to export them as 3D PDFs too, which brings benefits in the tender phase and also facilitates assembly. A transfer to visualisation or animation software is also possible without any problem. This allows projects not only to be planned economically and also adapted precisely to actual requirements, but also to be presented pr essionally to customers. The LayPLAN CAD module is available in German, English, French and Spanish.

Committed to Profitability

Layher understands the factors that lead to efficiency and profitability in scaffolding technology. These benefits are integrally engineered into each of Layher’s industry-leading modular systems—Allround® Scaffolding, SpeedyScaf® Scaffolding and Protective Scaffold Systems.

More Possibilities

Rely on Layher’s commitment to more possibilities. From Layher’s comprehensive product family to planning software, logistical analysis, engineering support and onsite management, Layher is about building our customer’s business success efficiently and reliably.