With internal access solutions, modular stairways, Allround scaffolding comfort stairs, and stairway towers, Layher delivers a variety of construction access solutions to fit your project needs. Layher scaffolding is versatile, reusable, and built to last with galvanized products Made in Germany.

Internal Access with Story Ladders in Hatch-Type Decks

Layher Construction Access Solutions Hatch Deck

The Low-Cost Variant for Upward Access in Scaffolding

Hatch-type decks – with the same function as scaffolding decks – allow for work decks, a stiffening element, and access inside the scaffolding structure, allowing material to be transported to a limited extent. Depending on the requirements and conditions of use, you can select Layher hatch-type decks in steel or aluminum versions. The ladders are available either for suspension, or already integrated into the deck, the integrated ladder favors faster construction and is theft proof. For work on the access deck, the ladder is removed if loose or simply folded up if integrated. A hatch closes off the access opening.