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As the East Coast branch of Layher North America, Layher Maryland is a vital component to making sure our customers in the eastern U.S. get the service and products they need.

Serving as a major distribution hub for German-manufactured scaffolding materials, Layher Maryland is also responsible for delivering other vital services such as engineering, technical, and training services to our customers.

Who Do We Serve?

Although we are located in Baltimore, that does not mean our services are limited to customers here in Maryland. In fact, Layher Maryland serves customers not only in Maryland and nearby Washington, D.C., but also in Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Since there are many innovative industries within this region, we are happy to provide our products to companies whose efforts are making the future possible today. Whether it’s chemical or power plants, refineries, or mining operations, or other industries, it’s not unusual for us to be dealing with companies working on vital government infrastructure or other projects.

What Do We Offer?

Here at Layher Maryland, we offer a wide range of services to our clients. For example, we have a stellar sales team that assists in renting or purchasing our scaffolding products. In addition, since many companies are seeking insight into the best and most innovative ways to use scaffolding, we provide training and engineering services to these clients. As an added bonus, we also provide various financing options for clients who are considering using Layher Scaffolding.

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Layher Scaffolding Products

For customers here in Maryland and nearby states, the Baltimore branch of Layher North America serves as one of the key locations for helping clients find the best German-manufactured scaffolding materials. As our clients quickly find out, we have a large variety of scaffolding products available to meet their needs. For some clients, protective systems are crucial to their projects, which is why we offer overhead protection as well as Roof Sand temporary weather protection. However, we don’t stop at protective systems. Since there are many scaffolding accessories that are usually needed on even the simplest of projects, we have many options available for both temporary stairway systems and public access systems.

Should you be in Baltimore or the surrounding area and have been searching in vain for quality scaffolding, look no further than Layher. As the industry leader for many years, our excellent products and satisfied customers speak for themselves. Rather than continue to pay for scaffolding that you only hope is up to the challenge of your company’s latest project, give us a call here at Layher. Once you do, you’ll be working with a team of scaffolding professionals who can get you exactly what you need.

Baltimore, MD Branch

7014 East Baltimore Street,
Baltimore, MD 21224

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If you would like to schedule an appointment for a weekend or after hours, please contact Duane Redding.