Layher Stairs and Access Systems

When used together in the same sentence, ‘temporary’ and ‘stairs’ are not words that provide much comfort. Stairs are constructed to be permanent, sturdy, and secure. There is supposed to be nothing impermanent about them. But in the scaffolding industry, temporary stairs can offer a wide range of advantages to a construction project, including increasing productivity and safety. Not convinced that the words ‘temporary’ and ‘stairs’ should go together? Read on to learn more.

Types of temporary stairs available

To say that Layher North America offers a full range of stairway solutions for temporary access during construction is one thing. We offer simple internal access to stairway towers for public use and a complete selection of other specialized application stairway solutions. Layher offers every temporary stairway solution imaginable.

The entire fleet of temporary stairs is constructed utilizing standard Allround® Scaffolding vertical standards, ledgers, diagonals and decks, and a few additional components—such as stairway stringers, guardrails, or handrails. All Layher stairs meet U.S. safety regulations.

  • Comfort stairs-used to configure a landing-type stair tower for Allround® or SpeedyScaf® scaffold constructions. Uses standard Layher components.
  • Comfort stair tower-for access adjoining a scaffold or as a freestanding structure secured to a building. Stairs can run in the same or opposite directions.
  • Allround® stair tower 200—Layher′s most utilized stringer access stairs. It was constructed using standard Layher Allround® components.
  • Allround® stair tower 750— for public site use. Complies with U.S. codes. It was constructed using standard Layher Allround® components.


Temporary stairs provide a quick and easy way to access a construction site. They eliminate the need for workers to use ladders in the early stages of a construction project. At Layher, we offer our temporary handrail for stairs as well, which provides an additional level of safety.  All of Layher stairs and access systems comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) or the IBC (International Building Code) for construction and public access. This means all of our temporary stairs are following the safest possible protocols and measures from construction to installation.

Fast & Easy Set-up

Layher has developed an international reputation for developing products that are fast and easy to set-up. Their temporary stairs are certainly no exception. Quickly and simply erected, they are lightweight in design and equally fast to dismantle. They’re also a sound investment because of their structural accuracy and integrity.

Incredible Flexibility

In addition to its fast and easy set-up is the advantage of its modular system design. Layher’s temporary stairs are adaptable to all requirements. Our range of stairway solutions, from internal access to stairway towers for public areas, offer maximum flexibility, with different exit heights for public and construction stairway towers.

High Load Capacity

Layher’s temporary stairs are ideal for extremely heavy loads. They provide much needed versatile access for work in buildings that are very tall. We have several different working platforms that offer freedom of movement and adequate workspace. It should never be the case that the building’s size should prevent you from getting the necessary work done because you can’t find the temporary stairs you need. That’s where Layher can undoubtedly help.

The Choice is yours

With how Layher has revolutionized the temporary stair industry, we know many will now look to us when they have questions about this type of product. We offer an array of excellent options that come equipped with Layher’s quality guarantee. Rest assured, we’ll be able to find you the product you need to best suit your situation and price range.