Layher temporary roofing systems

 When people hear the words ‘temporary building structures,’ they often imagine an edifice that can be built very quickly, but that is not the safest, that will collapse at any given moment. Nothing can be further from the truth with Layher’s temporary structures, which are also known as protective systems because they are designed to do just that-protect. They are strong, sturdy structures built to protect construction zones from a variety of things, including Mother Nature, unwanted views, access, or to created temporary enclosures (i.e., for blasting or containment). Our temporary structures can be used in construction, a major renovation, or projects that must adhere to a strict timeline. The following are just a few examples of where they are applicable.

Keder XL Roof System

 Made of lightweight aluminum parts, our Keder XL Roof system is our most popular temporary roof. Whether it is built as a double-pitch, mono-pitch, or asymmetrical roof, it is a highly functional temporary building structure. It is incredibly versatile; not only can it be used as a roof, but it can be expanded into a completed hall using one of the other products, the Keder XL sheet wall.

 As a temporary structure, the Keder XL Roof System is highly cost-effective because of the small number of building elements required for the trusses and bracing. The initial investment for this roof system remains very low compared to the potential for income earned on the location itself.

Cassette Roof Scaffolding

Known for its unique design, our cassette roof scaffolding is one of our most eye-catching temporary building structures. Its extremely adaptable technology that can be assembled and dissembled frequently without a problem. It is built to cover large spans as wide as 89ft. It is enormously stable and strong enough to walk on. This type of temporary structure can be assembled on almost all standard scaffolding systems without any problem. With specially built handles, this temporary structure can be opened at any location by easily removing one or more the roof cassettes by hand. It’s that easy.

Scaffolding Protect System

Our temporary structure offering maximum protective use is Layher’s protect system scaffold. This type of technology is the go-to product employed when removing asbestos or sandblasting to protect passersby from noise and flying debris. This temporary building structure looks futuristic in design and comes with many different benefits, including being light and providing noise protection 

The wall cassettes that assemble to make the protect system are easy to put together, making it an ease to use. The protect system is compatible with all available scaffolding systems in standard dimensions.  This temporary building structure has as many different applications as the daily challenges in the scaffolding construction industry.

Layher & Temporary Building Structures

Whether you chose our scaffolding protect system, our cassette roof system, or our Keder XL  product line, you know that when you invest in a Layher temporary building structure, you are selecting a product that is of the highest quality. Not only will you be working with a temporary structure that will help you get the job done properly, but it will enable you to focus on the task at hand.