Layher Scaffolding Protect system on building

Unique. Compact. Versatile. Gives you a new competitive advantage.

Layher Scaffolding Protect system on building

The Protect System Scaffold System answers maximum protective requirements. Use during asbestos removal, sandblasting work, for protection from noise or the weather or to protect passers by. The appearance and futuristic technology of the Protect System are impressive. With the system’s adaptability to the SpeedyScaf® and to Allround® Scaffolding systems and its sophisticated flexibility, this unique protective system will open up a completely new field of business for the user.

The Benefits of Layher Protect System Scaffolding:

  • Modular

    solves everyday and strict environment requirements in one system with wall, light, soundproofed and roof elements.

  • Safer

    passed as safer for buildings up to 90 m high.

  • Reusable

     long life, no write-off of one time material, economical frequent use.

  • Handling

    fits well, quickler and easily with low unit weights.

  • Univeral

    The Protect System is compatible with all available scaffolding systems: in standard dimensions with Layher Allround and SpeedyScaf equipment, in custom dimensions with metric scaffolding systems.

  • Fast

    The logic of the assembly sequence ensures that it is accomplished easily and quickly. The wall cassettes are assembled from the scaffolding, with several of them able to share the same holder.

  • Versatile

    The Layher Protect Systems applications are as varied as the daily challenges in the scaffolding construction trade. This enables the a noticeable shorter return on investment.

  • Watertight

    In contrast to conventional tarpaulins, the Layher Protect System lets you achieve truly watertight construction sites. This also reduces the noise and dust pollution significantly, an advantage which opens up opportunities to new projects.

  • Imaginative

    Opens up new fields of business for you.

  • Innovative

    With a few accessories such as lighting or door elements, areas like staircases or site access can be completed in a way which is innovative, safer, and of high quality.

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