Layher Scaffolding accessories

Layher Scaffolding Accessories — The Versatile Problem Solvers

Layher’s extensive range of scaffolding accessories and scaffold components is based on well-engineered modular inter functionality. Design intelligent system technology maximizes flexibility in use, minimizes costs via accurate advance planning, offers logical and efficient assembly without expensive reworking. This means more ambitious projects and a wider range of jobs can be accomplished with greater economic success using scaffolding accessories from Layher. Learn how the extensive range of Layher’s well-engineered scaffolding accessories can maximize efficiency on your next project.

Ingenious Design, Thousands of Applications, & Low-Maintenance Solutions

Layher Scaffolding accessories
  • Advanced Guardrail

Prevents falls during erection and dismantling with a prefixed guardrail set at working height before the scaffolder enters the working platform to install permanent guardrails. Lightweight and easily operated by one person, it’s perfect for even the most complex scaffolding. This scaffolding accessory works with any 48.3 mm (1 7/8 in) tube system.

  • Anchors, Hardware, Castors, & Jacks

With 17,000 specialty parts, Layher’s accessories for scaffolding amplify the possibilities and make solutions to every challenge possible. These scaffolding parts are sure to make every job more efficient and easier to do.

  • Layher Rosette

This is the Original scaffolding accessory. The Layher clampable rosette transforms the connection from structural assembly to high-strength, force-transmitting rigidity. Capable of making up to 6 connections on one level, the Layher Rosette design allows quick, logical scaffold assembly. It features center ledgers at right angles and aligns ledgers and diagonal braces at precise, required angles. The Layher Rosette also can handle any complex scaffold layout and build.

The possible uses are as numerous as the requirements placed today on scaffolding construction.

Layher Scaffolding accessories
  • Console Brackets, Couplers, & Scaffold Tubes

Expand the possibilities almost infinitely with Layher’s console brackets and a full array of scaffolding couplers and scaffold tubes.

  • Edge Protection Railing Clamp

A quick and easy solution for edge protection on parapets, scaffolding platforms, and floor slabs. The Layher Edge Protection Railing Clamp can be secured to suitable structures 6 inches (16 cm) to 13 inches (33 cm) in depth.

  • Steel Toe Boards

Layher’s steel toe boards are the ideal replacement for wooden toe boards in refineries, chemical plants, and industrial installations helping to reduce the fire load. These scaffolding parts are compatible with other Layher toe boards when connected in a straight run. Thanks to its closed profile, the toe board is very stiff and sturdy, and dirt is unable to collect inside the toe board. The steel toe boards rest directly on the platforms, eliminating gaps between the toe board and the deck surface.

Layher Scaffolding accessories
  • Telescopic Stabilizers, Guardrails, & Decks

Layher’s wide range of telescopic and adjustable scaffolding parts make it easy to adapt to any job site. Telescopic stabilizers permit assembly of facade scaffolding up to 20 feet (6.2 m) in height without anchoring to the facade. Plasterers and painters can work without any obstructions. Layher’s stabilizers can be used with steel facade scaffolding, and have an infinitely adjustable length. They’re incredibly quick to assemble, have a low total weight, and have a verified structural strength.

Telescopic guardrails and telescopic decks are adjustable from 3’7″ (1.09 m) to 5’2″ (1.57 m) and from 5’2″ (1.57 m) to 8’5″ (2.57 m). Aluminum decks are adjustable from 5’2″ (1.57 m) to 8’5″ (2.57 m).

Layher Scaffolding accessories