Fast, lightweight, cost-effective and practical.

Layher Scaffolding Keder XL Roof

The Keder XL Roof System is a convincingly cost-effective and complete solution for spanning small and medium-sized gaps. This economical weather protection system in lightweight design and attractive appearance assembles rapidly and without using a crane. Highly functional whether as a double-pitch, mono-pitch or asymmetrical roof, or for use in refurbishment work or to protect stage areas.

Benefits of the Layher Keder XL Roof System:

Layher Scaffolding Keder XL Roof
  • Lightweight aluminum parts
  • Fast Assembly

    Unbelievably fast assembly (claw connection) because only a few different components are needed.

  • Versatility

    Used as a roof, but can be expanded into a complete hall using the Keder XL sheet wall

  • Attractive appearance

    Attention-getting, good for the image.

  • High cost effectiveness

    Because of the small number of building elements for the trusses and bracing, the investment costs for the roof system remain at a very low level in comparison to the achievable income.

  • Universal applications

    The very high-quality appearance of the Layher Keder XL Roof System permits a wide variety of uses outside of the traditional domain of construction.

  • One system – two designs

    The Keder XL Roof System can be assembled as either a shed or gable roof so that the proper building form for every situation can be implemented.

  • Full compatibility

    Of course, the Layher Keder XL Roof System is fully compatible to the SpeedyScaf and Allround Scaffolding systems and is a useful addition to the Layher’s modular scaffolding.

Rolling Roof:

Layher Scaffolding Keder XL Roof

Layher temporary roofing systems can be built in a ‘mobile’ configuration enabling protection to be repositioned as a project proceeds. Easily assembled and benefiting from versatile design and lightweight construction, the apex structures are mounted on nylon wheels that sit on tracks created from Layher beams, which are themselves fixed to a suitable support scaffold.

Repositioning along the rails can then be readily achieved using the minimal amount of manpower whilst even small radius installations can be accommodated. System designs also allow sections to be opened for craning access where required.

The result is protection against the elements that can be achieved very cost-effectively, and fully in line with a building or refurbishment program.