Layher shapes Dillinger Hütte steelworks

Layher Shapes Dillinger Hütte Steelworks

Written by Sarah Ann McCay – Dec 9, 2013

German scaffolding company Gerüstbau Rende turned to locally made shoring solutions when working on the new €300 million Dillinger Hütte steelworks.

Gerüstbau Rende brought in German scaffolding manufacturer Layher to install its Allround Shoring TG 60 system. The firm said it chose the Allround option because its modular design meant that it could be assembled quickly and safely despite the heights involved, and it could also adapt to any project shape or size.

The shoring works were required for the construction of a new continuous casting system at Dillingen. This is to be found in a 45 m deep hole, in which the new production facility is now being built. For concreting a 25 m long binding beam with a dead weight of 21 tonnes per metre, a 40 m high shoring structure had to be assembled. What is more, it had to be assembled fast. Ten erectors had just 12 days to build a structure weighing 110 tonnes.

Gerüstbau Rende chose the high-strength Allround TG 60 Shoring Frames with standard components. Allround brackets were also used as a walkway for the concreting work, and an Allround stairway tower as a site access. A closed work platform was also constructed 1.8 m below the formwork level, using Layher scaffolding decks.

For the construction of a continuous casting system, the new Allround Shoring TG 60 from Layher permitted work at 40 m up, for concreting a 25 m long binding beam – with a dead weight of 21 tonnes per metre. Photo: Dillinger Hütte