Layher Showcases New Flexbeam


Las Vegas – Layher showcased the new Layher Flexbeam at the World of Concrete Convention in January. The FlexBeam is a 280 mm deep rectangular hollow aluminum beam designed for suspension and support applications. The components include a suspension system for bridge or floor slab soffit access. A selection of adaptors allow the connection of […]

Layher NA Online Store Releases Summer Stock

Layher Summer Products Available Online

Items available for purchase at the Layher NA online store.

Houston, TX – Warm-weather merchandise is now available for purchase at the Layher North America website and includes hats, t-shirts, polos and safety vests in addition to scaffolding tools such as the ratchet spanner 19SW, 22SW. The online store launched in 2016; items range in price from $19 – $99.


ACR Layher Roof System

Year-Round Roofing, Regardless of Weather

Roofing is limited by the weather year-round, especially in the winter months throughout the majority of the U.S. and Canada. But recently a customer of ours, Advanced Commercial Roofing (ACR) has taken advantage of the Layher Roof System to increase their productivity in the winter months. ACR has announced their recent investment in a Layher temporary roofing system, having acquired the rights to use and sell the Layher roof system in Illinois.

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Don Fry Incorporates Layher Materials in Novel Cable-Car Design

Don Fry Incorporates Layher Materials in Novel Cable-Car Design

In what is the first of its kind in North America, Don Fry Scaffold Service, Inc (Don Fry) is bringing Layher products together in a unique approach to recoat sections of lead-based paint (LBP) lined pipelines that supply water to Oakland and San Francisco, CA.

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Layher Scaffolding Materials at the Miami Science Museum - Layher Shoring Tower V2

To the Moon and Back with Layher Materials

If you are one of the lucky visitors to the new and highly anticipated Miami Science Museum in 2016, you’ll be journeying to the great beyond while safely tucked inside a 250-seat planetarium constructed with the help of Layher materials. Located in downtown Miami, the planetarium is the jewel of the new museum and structurally one of its biggest undertakings made possible by scaffolding.

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Preserving a Piece of History: First Church in Albany through the Eyes of a Scaffolder

In Collaboration with Tri-City Scaffolding

Certain buildings just catch the eye of a scaffolder. Interesting angles, odd leanings, and jutting spires fire their creativity and problem-solving abilities, igniting a desire to build up and surround with caged frame. Bring these architectural features together in an iconic landmark, and you’ve got a real dream project. The draw is twofold: to engage a unique engineering challenge head on while contributing to a piece of history. Only rarely do such projects come around, but we are sure glad when they do.

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Layher Allround Scaffolding

WATCH: Layher Allround Scaffolding Assembly

Watch this 3 minute time lapse video illustrating the assembly of Layher Allround Scaffolding, and how Layher’s innovative scaffold technology makes it faster, safer and more versatile than comparable systems. Also learn about Layher’s new Auto-Lock function, U-Ledger, U-Steel Toe Boards and U-Lift-Off Preventer.

Using time lapse to illustrate the speed and simplicity of construction, this video breaks down the construction of Layher’s Allround Scaffolding into 3 steps – basic assembly, modification and expansion.

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Layher Scaffolding Stairs

Layher Stairs, Decks, and Guardrails Make Appearance at Electric Zoo

Pictured Above: The Layher Stairway Tower 750 was specially designed to provide public access on a notable slope for last year’s Electric Zoo festival in New York.

The Layher name may conjure images of construction, but Layher temporary access stair systems, steel decks, and guardrails are often utilized at popular events and music festivals such as New York’s own Electric Zoo festival, taking place annually during Labor Day weekend. Layher scaffolding has accommodated the festival’s 150,000 plus fans for several years, helping to make the three-day festival accessible and organized.

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