Layher Allround Scaffolding Whakamaru power station

Allround Scaffolding Flexes its Power as a Power Station is Repaired

As featured in Site Seeing, Edition 40 2014

For maintenance work on power stations, time is of the essence. That goes for the Whakamaru hydroelectric power station too, an important node in New Zealand’s national grid, which together with the other power stations located along the Waikato River, supplies much of North Island with electricity. To complete the work on one of the sloping penstocks as quickly as possible, the decision-makers could only consider Allround Scaffolding. It allowed the scaffolding erectors to build the work scaffolding 20 metres above the ground not only quickly and above all more safely, but also to optimally adapted to the difficult geometry – in just 23 hours.

The Advantages:
  • Material-saving projecting solution on the concrete foundation underneath the penstock, thanks to the use of high-strength Allround diagonal braces and lattice beams, instead of a foundation in the gaps 20 metres lower.
  • High working safety despite an assembly height of 20 metres above the ground and despite the sloping surface, thanks to the installation of ledgers as guardrails for every platform plus optimum adaptation of the work scaffolding width and height to the sloping penstock and to the differing angles of the surrounding concrete foundation using the
  • Layher-Allround-Scaffolding-Whakamaru-power-station-2comprehensive Allround parts range – and careful planning.
  • Rapid assembly using bolt-free wedge-head connection technology.
  • Material can be ordered without any problem just 24 hours before assembly starts, thanks to a high degree of delivery readiness.
Layher Allround Scaffolding – The Benefits to You:
  • Unique Allround connector
  • Eight connections in one plane, automatic right-angle alignment of transoms / ledgers, flexible choice of angles for other components, self-locking during assembly, designed to minimize material requirements.
  • The world leader for industrial applications.
  • Extremely versatile, interchangeable with other Layher systems and products.
  • The basis for rapid, dependable, safer, profitable and highly flexible scaffolding.