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Since being established in Toronto in March 2017, Layher Ontario has been helping customers meet their scaffolding needs. At the Eastern Canada Branch for Layher North America, we provide crucial technical, engineering, and training services to companies across Eastern Canada. Yet we also serve as a primary distribution hub for German-manufactured Layher scaffolding materials and accessories, making us a critical link in ensuring various projects throughout Eastern Canada are completed in the safest manner possible.

Our Service Area

While much of our business is here in Toronto, we also find Layher scaffolding materials and accessories are in demand in many other nearby areas as well. Because of this, our service area encompasses Ontario as well as Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, as well as Northern Canada. Along the way, we serve many different types of clients with our services, including power plants, mining companies, commercial construction, shipbuilding, and many other clients from various industries.

What Layher Ontario Offers Our Clients

Since we here at Layher Ontario are counted on by many clients in Eastern Canada to help them with their scaffolding needs, we strive to offer as many products and services as possible. For many clients, engineering and training services are of the utmost importance, since problems in either of these areas can deal a severe blow to a project. Along with this, clients rely heavily on our sales team to help them not only decide whether FlexBeam, SpeedyScaf, or various protective systems are best for them, but also whether it makes financial sense for them to purchase materials and accessories outright or instead rent what is needed. When purchasing is preferred, we can help with financing options as well.

8 King Street Building project

Layher Ontario Scaffolding Products

If you want to see an example of how our scaffolding materials and accessories have helped to transform Ontario, look no further than the 8 King Street Building project. Working hand-in-hand with our client, Layher Ontario took a chance on a young company, gave it the financing needed to purchase scaffolding materials, and the rest is history. Now a company that is growing and thriving, executives say their success would not have been possible without the partnership with us here at Layher Ontario.

Whether it’s a fledgling company like Summit that needed financing to get overhead protection, access systems, and other scaffolding materials and accessories or established companies that may only need to rent Layher Allround Scaffolding, Keder XL Enclosures, or other scaffolding products, our team here at Layher Ontario is here to help. When you want scaffolding materials you know are of excellent quality, affordable, and will stand up to the toughest challenges on your construction job, contact us here at Layher Ontario.

Layher Scaffolding – Toronto, ON Branch

Toronto, ON Branch

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