There are both obvious and hidden difficulties when scaffolding must be erected in a special-access space like a mine. For example, access is an evident problem for both open-pit and underground mining, whereas actually managing an erected scaffold in any sort of mine may not at first appear to be a big issue at all. However, in an underground mine especially, the scaffold will be operating in an enclosed space.

From a health-and-safety point of view, an enclosed space is confined when it has one or more of these risks due to its particular location:

  • It is in an enclosed or partially enclosed space.
  • It is not intended or designed to be used by people.
  • It is not at normal atmospheric pressure–or is designed not to be at normal atmospheric pressure–while occupied by people.
  • There is a danger from an atmosphere without safe oxygen levels.
  • Airborne dust, vapors, or gases that can cause injuries or death from explosion or fire.
  • It has dangerous concentrations of airborne pollutants.
  • Is at risk of being engulfed.

Mining Industrial Scaffolding: Buy Equipment Or Hire Services?

There are particular problems setting up scaffolds in both open-pit and underground mines, but underground mines can be especially tough simply in terms of access.

Mining companies must ensure that they not only get the correct type of scaffolding, but crucially, they can easily manage the scaffolding that they end up getting. In many instances, in the end, mine operators just decide to hire specialist scaffolders and have done with it. The fly in the ointment, of course, is going to be costly.

Did you know: hiring a scaffolding service is not the same as hiring scaffolding equipment? Specialist scaffolding service providers will provide all the equipment needed to erect the contracted scaffolding structures.

Some mine operators have realized that there is a hybrid solution to the problem of either erecting mining industrial scaffolding themselves or hiring a mining scaffolding service to do it for them. The solution is to assemble a team of subject-area experts on contract. That way, the mine operators keep their costs down while maintaining the greatest control over the project.

Why Is Mining Industrial Scaffolding On The Increase?

The mining industry scaffolding has seen a steady rise because of increased mining operations and a greater sensitivity to safety.

The need for safer working conditions and more intensely scrutinized safety measures has meant that mining scaffolding is increasingly chosen as a safer alternative to ladders and powered lifts, either of which poses additional dangers.

Erecting Mining Industrial Scaffolding: A Word About Safety

It is essential to ensure that scaffolding workers meet the special requirements of working in an active mine. They should be equipped with the materials necessary to support mining scaffolding. For example, mining activities come with many hazards, including gas exposure. To avoid an explosion or fire, scaffolding must be provided with safety precautions.

Layher’s Mining Industrial Scaffolding

At Layher, we always provide the highest quality scaffolding. If you need industrial mining scaffolding, we are confident that we can help. If your requirements are unique, our engineers will work closely with you to ensure that our products meet even your most exacting specifications.

To learn more about how we can support your industrial mining scaffolding, please contact a Layher location today.