The Layher cassette roof system has one job: to protect the structure and equipment below from the effects of the weather. But like most of Layher’s products, it’s able to do much more than that. Our roof cassette system is adaptable, rugged, and able to span significant gaps. It is an enormously stable giant that is versatile. It offers weather protection for use on every one of Layher’s scaffolding systems. It is also strong enough to walk-on. Optionally, there are special translucent roof cassettes, to let the sunshine in. Read on to learn how Layher’s cassette roof can benefit your next construction project.

Solid Technology & Design

This powerful modular technology used to build the cassette roof system means it can be assembled and disassembled frequently. All the steel parts of the cassette roof are hot-dip galvanized for lengthy and frequent use.

Every second bay is assembled as a complete truss on the ground before it is hoisted. That means the intermediate bays are then connected and closed on the roof using the cassettes and the stiffeners.

The Layher system also has a robust design. Regardless of how high or how long the project is, , the design will remain the same. When fully assembled, the Layher cassette roof scaffolding is attention-grabbing. Passersby will stop to take a closer look!

Tremendous Economic Efficiency

Thanks in part to its modular technology and sturdy quality, the Layher cassette roof system is tremendously economically efficient. You can use the roof cassettes countless times. You’re not forced to buy additional pieces every time you have a new application. That is, money saved.

All of the cassette roof system parts are compatible with other Layher products. They can be adapted to the changing construction dimensions. For instance, if there’s a need for a walkway or a safety rail around the gable or a roof guard on the eaves, those can all be easily installed. Our access cassettes also ensure safe entry and exit to and from the roof.

The cassette roof system is extremely versatile. Though it’s used as a roof, it can be expanded using accessories like our Protec panels.

Practical & Flexible Modular Technology

As the world’s leading manufacturer for scaffolding structures and technology, Layher has the cassette roof system and the material and expertise to support it.

Our cassette roofing practicality is evident as it opens at any point to load material into the building. The roof surface can also be walked on, and any necessary safety equipment can be added quickly.

Layher Cassette Roof

From versatility and dependable technology to practicality, the Layher cassette roof system is a rugged design. It is strong enough to walk on. If you’ve never seen Layher’s cassette roof, then it’s time to learn more about it and how you can use it on your next construction project.