Doing construction projects in major cities always comes with a host of unique problems. One major problem is how to set up scaffolding in an area where pedestrians are constantly walking. This is where sidewalk scaffolding comes in handy. We’ll teach you what this is, why it’s important, and how sidewalk scaffolding rentals might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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What Is Sidewalk Scaffolding?

If you’ve walked through a major city like Boston, Houston, or Los Angeles you’ve probably already seen sidewalk scaffolding. It is a temporary structure made out of metal that allows people to do high elevation construction.


The “sidewalk” aspect is the key distinction. This type of scaffold will be set up around sidewalks without impeding the flow of foot traffic. In other words, pedestrians can walk under and through the scaffolding without major safety concerns.


This form of scaffolding allows pedestrians to walk through the center of the scaffolding. Along either side of the pedestrian, the support structure will be built on the outermost part of the sidewalk or adjacent grass patches.


Oftentimes, sidewalk scaffolding will have protective surfaces. This stops debris from falling onto people as they walk by. You will see scaffolding with tarps, films, and thick barriers.

The Importance of Sidewalk Scaffolding

Sidewalk scaffolding works very well in highly populated areas. Businesses can’t afford to put off their construction and only work during hours of low foot traffic. Instead, they use sidewalk scaffolding that allows people to still walk through the area without disrupting the construction.


More importantly, this scaffolding shields pedestrians from construction debris. It offers the maximum of safety for pedestrians and a construction team to be in the same area at the same time.


A lot of areas have specific city codes that require sidewalk scaffolding if a certain type of work is being performed.

The Added Bonuses of Sidewalk Scaffolding Rentals

A lot of people might be wondering, “can you rent scaffolding?” The truth is that sidewalk scaffolding rentals are the preferred option for most construction companies.


With a rental, you don’t need to find space to store it when it’s not in use. In addition, it is a much less expensive option for businesses that don’t often need to use sidewalk scaffolding. For instance, you might have a one-off project in NYC. Instead of purchasing a sidewalk scaffold, you can simply rent it for as long as the project takes.


If your construction company is based in a major city, it might make more sense to purchase your own sidewalk scaffolding. Otherwise, rentals might be the right choice for you.


It’s important to pick the right scaffolding company for your needs. Opting for a low-cost company could put your construction crew as well as pedestrians at risk. For that reason, people prefer Layher. We offer high-quality scaffolding for purchase or rental. We also have a series of protective scaffolding that you can benefit from. Contact us today to see how Layher can help.

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