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A scaffolding bridging system might be the difference that your operation needs. It’s a system that gets used in a number of different industries and applications around the world, yet so many people don’t know about it. More importantly, people don’t know how to pick the right scaffolding vendor to supply industrial scaffolding options. Layher creates the highest quality scaffolding, and is a trusted vendor to industries all over the world. 

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What Is Scaffolding Bridging?

Simply put, scaffolding bridging will connect the gap between two platforms. It acts as a temporary bridge, and can be placed almost anywhere.

A common use is when there is construction going on within an area. This bridging will allow pedestrians to still access both sites, despite no permanent fixture being built yet.

This form of scaffolding is highly customizable, ensuring your needs are met.

Typically, scaffolding bridging systems are pre-assembled on the ground and then raised into position effortlessly with a crane. This is one way to expedite the installation process.

Why Is Scaffolding Bridging Used?

This form of scaffolding is used for a number of different applications.

As we mentioned, one of the applications is pedestrian access to construction areas. It allows people to go from site to site without the need for a permanent bridge between sites.

You might also see scaffolding bridging used during large construction projects. Workers will use the platform as a workspace to do the construction, moving along the bridge as they do so.

In other scenarios, scaffolding bridging could be used to transport heavy loads. If the walkway is not strong enough to support tons of weight, then you can quickly erect a scaffolding bridging system to span the distance. The scaffolding will allow for higher weights to be transported, allowing you to move the heavy load.

This form of scaffolding is highly versatile. Your company might have a unique operation-specific need that scaffolding bridging can meet.

It’s used because it’s the less expensive, quicker solution to a lot of problems. If it is used during construction, it removes the need to expeditiously construct a walkway between the area. In some cases, a pedestrian walkway might not even be possible until the job is completed. If people still need access to the different areas, your only solution might be a scaffolding bridging system.

Alternatively, some companies will use a bridging system to perform elevated routine maintenance or installation at their site. It gives workers a flat, wide space to work on.

Like any other form of scaffolding, this style is used when permanent fixtures can’t be constructed. It might not be feasible for you to build a bridge between two platforms, so you can instead opt for scaffolding bridging.

Major Benefits of Scaffolding Bridging

The list of major benefits of scaffolding bridging depends on your specific operation. Some of the benefits are:

  •     Faster access to areas
  •     Access when permanent fixtures aren’t feasible
  •     Allows temporary access
  •     Less expensive than alternatives

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