When construction jobs are taking place at a building, there is always the question of how will employees, customers, and other individuals gain access to the building in ways that will still be safe and convenient. In addition, workers who are performing construction or maintenance also need stairways that provide them easy ways to get to and from various work sites, transport tools and materials, and offer escape routes in the event of an emergency. Along with the stairways often provided, metal stair railing is needed to meet OSHA and other safety and government regulations. When modern metal stair railing is needed, look to Layher for metal stair handrails that will meet your site’s needs.

What are the Advantages of Metal Stair Railing?

When railing is needed for a metal rod staircase, Layher metal stair railing offers numerous advantages other competitors can’t match. For example, the Layher system handrail helps avoid complex assembly jobs and one-off designs that can often make putting together metal stair railing more frustrating than a jigsaw puzzle. Requiring only three parts, those being the handrail tube, handrail holder, and joint, a metal stair handrail can be pieced together in only minutes. Unlike some metal stair railing that have difficult transitions between rail angles, Layher metal railing parts offer smooth transitions between angles of 90 and 180 degrees, ensuring those gripping the railing while climbing stairs will have no trouble whatsoever.

Meeting and Exceeding Regulations

Since stairways, stair towers, and other similar structures must meet basic safety requirements set forth by OSHA and other agencies, it is vital metal stair railing kits be able to meet or exceed these requirements. Due to Layher’s continuing commitment to safety in the workplace and elsewhere, our metal stair railing kits are adaptable for child safety guardrails as well. In fact, American building regulations require that any bridges that are open to the public, wheelchair ramps, and stair towers have continuous metal stair hand railing for maximum safety. Also, since handrail heights can be adjusted to their required heights on-site using the simple assembly tool, there won’t be any times when individual safety will be put at risk.

Proven Cost-Effectiveness

If you are concerned about how much do metal stair railings cost, you can put your mind at ease once you rely on metal stair railing from Layher. Proven to be a very cost-effective option, it is an inexpensive alternative to systems used in the past, such as steel or wooden steps. While these types of steps would eventually be taken down and disposed of, Layher metal stair and metal stair railing can be used again and again in all types of settings.

Powder-Coated Steel or Aluminum?

Since surface coating is a crucial element in protecting against rust, corrosion, and other damage, Layher metal railing parts come with a durable surface coating on their steel components. Made even stronger by means of hot-dip galvanizing, a Layher metal stair banister can withstand the harshest of environmental conditions and work areas.

Since stair towers are found on almost all construction sites and at industrial facilities, knowing where you can buy metal stair railing that is the best of the best is extremely important. By contacting us here at Layher, you can get metal railing parts and much more that will be durable and keep everyone safe.